19 New Grandparents Gifts For Pregnant Moms Who Aren't Crafty

Mandy Velez | Jun 8, 2020 Pregnancy
19 New Grandparents Gifts For Pregnant Moms Who Aren't Crafty

Not on the High Street

Coming up with ways to announce a pregnancy to grandparents-to-be can be super fun, but also super stressful. After all, there are so many ways to tell the new grandma and grandma about their new roles. It's the first and exciting step on their new grandparent journey and it should definitely be special. The bond between a grandparent and grandchild is unlike anything else and should be treated as such. But what happens when mom and dad to be aren't the creative types? Or don't have the time to break out the glue gun or design a printed onesie? Help happens, that's what! Thanks to people on the Internet who love to make things for others, there's plenty of gift ideas for new grandparents that require zero creative or DIY effort.

Choosing the right gift just comes down to choosing the item that will be most meaningful to mimi and pap, other whatever grandparent name they choose. (P.S. If they need help doing that, there's a long list of options to choose from.) To help out, we compiled a few gifts that these newly minted grandparents will cherish for years to come. We're talking personalized T-shirts and plant pots, keepsake onesies, ornaments, and secret-message puzzles. It's a win-win. No crafting is involved. But the gift will still be worthwhile, and leave them so excited that time will fly until the baby arrives. Or until the next kid arrives. But by then, they'll be experts. So this reveal kinda counts. No pressure. 

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  • Grandparent Promotion Wine Label


    Wine is the quintessential gift and what better thing to pair it with than with a pregnancy announcement surprise for the grandparents-to-be. The labels fit around a standard wine bottle and can say whatever is designated during a purchase. Bonus: Pop the cork and celebrate with a glass after everyone has a chance to digest the good news. 

    Wine Bottle Label ($11, Amazon)

  • Grandma Mug & Stirrer


    Share the news of a baby of the way by giving the gift of a ceramic mug with a special message. The gram-in-waiting will not only get the "promotion" in writing, but will be able to see it every day with her morning coffee or tea. 

    Grandma Promotion Mug ($19, Amazon)

  • Grandpa Mug & Stirrer


    Don't think we'd forget grandpa! Grandpas deserve mugs, too. Especially ones with their promotion on it as well. He and grandma can toast their coffees together as the months count down to baby's arrival. 

    Grandpa Promotion Mug ($19, Amazon)

  • Generation Necklace


    It doesn't get any sweeter than this three-ring circles generation necklace. It's a sweet way to tell someone they're going to be part of a growing family tree. Plus, it is also a beautiful piece of jewelry. 

    New Grandmother Necklace ($36, MaggieBlake/Etsy)

  • Pregnancy Reveal Puzzle


    This may be the only puzzle to make people cry from happiness at solving it than frustration. Have the grandma or grandparents to be put the pieces together until the big message is revealed. Can glue it to a cardboard box piece and frame it as a keepsake. 

    Pregnancy Reveal Jigsaw Puzzle (25 GPB, Not On The High Street)

  • 'Promoted' to Grandma and Grandma T-Shirts


    Printed tees are all the rage. Pass on the wearable fun with these "promotion" to grandpa and grandma t-shirts. They'll look adorable in photos and make the perfect outfit to visit the hospital in.  

    Pregnancy Announcement Grandparents T-Shirts ($22, LoveLuLuBell/Etsy)

  • Secret Message Gold Ball


    Make dad believe he has a regular ole golf ball for the next game when in reality, he has one of  the biggest pieces of news of his life. Surprise him with this "Grandpa 2019" one. He can still use it if he wants, though! Maybe it'll bring good luck. 

    Personalized New Grandpa Golf Ball ($23, NowThatsPersonal/Etsy)

  • Personalized Pot


    Spring is in the air. This personalized flower pot will seem like an ordinary gift, but only until the special message with "grandma" and "grandpa" is spotted. It's a gift that is both a literally and metaphorically a symbol of new life. 

    Hearts Full Grandparents Flower Pot ($20, Shutterfly)

  • 'Can't Wait to Meet You' Onesie


    Get right to the point with this "Can't wait to meet you" onesie. Grandparents-to-be will be a little confused perhaps, but will quickly catch on. They can treasure it as a keepsake for years to come. 

    Can't Wait to Meet You Grandma and Grandpa Onesie (from $13, LilMeStore/Etsy)

  • 'Letters to My Grandchild' Letter Book


    Go the super, super sentimental route. Buy a letter book that features envelopes and special paper for new grandparents to write out their thoughts, hopes and dreams to their future grandkids. Then imagine them giving it the child when they're all grown up. Where's the tissues?

    Letters to My Grandchild Book ($14, BuyBuyBaby)

  • 'Your First Grandchild' Book


    Parenting may not come with a manual but grandparenting sure does. OK, well, sorta of. The Your First Grandchild book is a somewhat accurate but mostly hilarious way to break the big news and jump-start any kid-spoiling prep work. The guide features "lively design and hilarious cartoons" and is both "practical and celebratory."

    Your First Grandchild Book ($10, Amazon)

  • Onesie Baby Reveal Box


    Another onesie yes, but they're just so darn cute and make great gifts to tell soon-to-be-grandparents. Some, like this one here, comes in a gift box with a special little baby note as well. Easy peasey.

    Baby Announcement Onesie Box (from $21, StylishLittles/Etsy)

  • Grandma & Grandpa Wine Glasses


    Cheers! Prepare for a toast that will also spill the baby beans with stemless wine glasses. They feature the saying, "Only the best moms get promoted" to grandmom and ditto for the dad one. It's a win-win gift as whoever gets them will be so happy, they'll immediately want to put them to good use and open open the closest bottle of whatever.

    Moms & Dads Promotion Wine Glasses ($26, Amazon)

  • Ultrasound Photo & Frame


    Go the classy route for the great-grandparents. Get a copy of the ultrasound photo to put onto this wooden shabby chic great-grandparents display. It's not only a special way to tell them but makes for a classic gift as well that they can put in their home for all to see. 

    Great-Grandparents Ultrasound Display ($25, WoobiesCorner/Etsy)

  • Grandparents Keychain


    For those looking to go to small and simple route, these key chains are the way to go. Each has the saying "only the best [dad] or [mom] gets promoted to grandma/grandpa." They'll be able to carry them around wherever they go. 

    Best Dads/Moms Get Promoted Keychain ($16.68, Amazon)

  • 'Grandma & Grandpa' Wooden Sign


    For some reason, cursive wooden signs make a home feel cozy, especially when they're inscribed with the family name. Surprise mom and dad -- future "grandma and grandpa" -- with a wooden sign for their house. They'll realize what it means soon enough, especially if they don't hold that title just yet. 

    Grandma and Grandpa Wooden Decor ($40, ArbatStreet/Etsy)

  • Grandpa Whiskey Glass


    Just because the person who is pregnant can't drink doesn't mean the future grandpa can't. Gift him this personalized whiskey glass to do the pregnancy reveal part, then pour a glass for him to celebrate. 

    Grandpa Whiskey Glass ($19.99, Amazon)

  • Grandma & Grandpa Ornament


    Add to the Christmas ornament collection by getting these grandma and grandpa ornaments for the grandparents-to-be. Up-the-surprise factor by placing it on a tree (if it's Christmastime, and Christmas in July counts!) and wait for the happy faces!

    Grandma and Grandpa Ornament ($11.99, debwwu/Etsy)

  • Scratch-Off Grandparents Card


    Grandparents like scratch-offs right? Start them on them early by revealing their fate with this scratch-off pregnancy reveal card. The scratch-off part builds the suspense, which is totally unnecessary, but makes things more interesting. 

    Pregnancy Grandparents  Reveal Scratch Off Card ($7.95, Amazon)

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