Man Says His Pregnant Wife Is Obsessed With the Idea That He's Cheating & He's Fed Up


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The reality of pregnancy is that your ankles swell, your back hurts, and your hormones can really get the best of you. That sounds like the case for one husband who says that ever since his wife's become pregnant, she's convinced that he's cheating on her. In fact, things have gotten so bad that she even asked him to install a tracking app, but now enough is enough. Would he be wrong if he told her "she's the most insecure person I've ever met?"

  • According to the husband, his wife has been extremely insecure about their relationship ever since she got pregnant.

    In a frustrated post on Reddit, the husband explained that his wife is convinced he's cheating on her and won't be told otherwise. "She wakes me up in the middle of the night to ask me if I still love her," he wrote. "I was really fine with that. I thought the hormones were messing with her."

    But then she took things to a whole new level by asking him to install a tracking app to prove that he isn't straying. And what's worse, now she's using the tracking app to ask her husband for favors related to where he is. "If I'm near a store, she'll ask me to bring her something from that store."

    At his wit's end, the husband feels like he needs to call his wife out on her erratic behavior. Is he wrong if he wants to tell her "she's the most insecure person I've ever met?"

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  • People are furious that the husband would call his wife "insecure."

    "It sometimes seems like people go out of the way to avoid having mature conversations," one person wrote in the comments. "Yes, you can tell her how her behavior makes you feel, and you can tell her that you would like her to change it. But going in all hyperbolic 'most insecure person ever' is not helpful and mean."

    And someone else agreed that talking it out was better than calling her names. "Hormones and stress can mess up a person's thinking really bad. I would just sit her down and work on this in little steps rather then saying this all at once," the person wrote. 

    "If you tell her she's insecure it'll make things so much worse," another person advised. "You should talk to her about it though, but maybe try and do it in a way where she doesn't feel she's under attack. Also, let the whole, her asking you to get her things from the shop things go. That comes with the territory of your Mrs. being pregnant."

  • But some people argued that if his wife was going to be extra, he shouldn't feel bad about being annoyed.

    One person thought it was sexist to think his wife "couldn't help herself."

    "I’m tired of people thinking that pregnant women are immature, helpless weaklings," the person wrote. "Hormones or not, a pregnant woman is a grown woman and should still be able to use her brain. Quite frankly, excusing her behavior is sexist and degrading towards women in general."

    Anther person thought there was no excuse for her behavior. "Pregnancy is not an excuse for manipulative and controlling behavior. It's not a miracle, she's not a goddess and she does not need to be put on a pedestal," the person commented. "You must to deal with the situation respectfully, but she also has to be rational about it. Pregnancy does not excuse this."

    "Tracking your husband via GPS has got to be one the most insecure, paranoid, manipulative and abusive things I've ever heard of," someone else agreed.

  • In the end, the husband agreed that it might be best to not mention the whole "insecure" thing.

    In an update to his post, he explained that he decided to not tell her "she's the most insecure person in the world."

    "As some of the comments mentioned, I'll just delete the app," he continued.

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