Mom Wants a Divorce After Learning Her Husband Has 47 Kids From His Generous 'Donations'

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When you get married you hope that you know all of your spouse's dirty little secrets. But even the strongest marriages are put to the test when a secret slips through the cracks. That is exactly the case for one woman on the Internet, whose husband didn't lie to her about donating sperm in the past but didn't exactly tell her how many times he donated. Now that she's learned he has 47 children via his donations, she's freaked out and is so upset she wants a divorce.

  • As the woman explained, she was stunned when she learned how many children her husband has from donating his sperm.

    In a post on Reddit, the anonymous woman explained that though she knew her husband donated sperm before they got married, she assumed it was only a couple of times and was okay with it. 

    The problem was that her husband hadn't just donated once or twice; instead, she was flabbergasted to learn he had 47 children from his donations -- much, much more than she ever could have guessed. "It's clearly my fault for not asking how many. At the time, I literally said I 'didn't care' about his sperm donation and 'didn't want to know,' so I can't blame him for not telling me how many," she wrote. "But 47?! Christ!!!!"

    In a later update, she added that all 47 of his kids would be allowed to contact him once they turned 18, which might "cause problems" when they get older.

    Clearly upset, the woman is considering divorcing her husband, but worries if she's wrong for feeling that way because he *was* upfront about what he had done. 

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  • Online, the reaction was split. Some people thought that the writer was in no position to be angry. 

    One person didn't buy the woman's story at all. "You knew in advance, specifically asked not to know how many and have been married for years. What’s the real reason you want a divorce?" the person commented.

    "You asked him and he told you," another person agreed. "If numbers were important to you then you should have asked earlier."

    And someone else was confused why the mom was so worried about having "problems" in the future. "He didn't personally impregnate 47 women, women/couples who wanted a child but sadly couldn't conceive for whatever reason are now able to raise a child because of him," the person wrote. "What kind of problems will this cause? I think something else is going on. Don't ruin your daughter's life over this OP. Talk to a therapist or marriage counselor first."

  • But others thought her husband should have been a little bit more upfront about how often he donated.

    One person thought this was a problem the writer and her husband could work through. "He could have been clearer with you, longer ago, about how many kids he could potentially end up fathering and what any potential long-term outcomes could be," the person commented. "Seems like he played it down. Now, confronted by reality, your first instinct is to freak out and run rather than figure out how to manage the situation. Getting into counseling with him may be a good idea, so you can both work through your fears and concerns with your daughter's well-being at the forefront."

    Someone else empathized with the woman's freak out. "All the people saying there is no way this will effect her are delusional," the person wrote. "Maybe it won’t, but OP should at least consult a lawyer to make sure these kids can’t make any legitimate claim to their money. Sure, divorcing over this alone is a stretch. Calm down, and get the facts first."

  • In the end, the woman wrote that she's an emotional person and is just having a hard time dealing with her feelings.

    Later in the thread she wrote that she didn't mind her husband's donation when she thought he had only done it once or twice, "but dozens of kids... It just seems so weird to me? I know this feeling is wrong of me. I guess I just needed people to tell me I'm being a selfish idiot so that I can get over it," she wrote. 

    She further explained that she panicked because she's "an overly emotional person that has trouble dealing with issues."