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  • Mattiuzzo says a lot of people told her she was "crazy" when she told them her idea -- but not her doctor.

    Megan and Ryan Mattiuzzo pose in the snow with their dogs.
    Megan Mattiuzzo

    "I was about 37 weeks when I brought the idea up to my doctor," she tells CafeMom. "She told me that it would be fine for me to attempt the photos, due to having a healthy pregnancy ... [and] had no reason for concern and that as long as I was okay on that day she would be totally fine with me doing it."

    Mattiuzzo admits she was surprised by her OB's reaction because a lot of people had raised their eyebrows over whether she'd be able to take photos while pushing through the pain

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  • Once the big day finally arrived, Mattiuzzo pushed for an hour and 15 minutes during active labor and made sure her camera settings were ready to go.

    In between two contractions -- while a nurse held one leg and her mother held another -- Mattiuzzo set her ISO, F-stop, and shutter speed, and geared up for game time. She even asked hospital staff to turn the overhead lights off in the room, leaving only a bright spotlight on her to ensure optimal lighting.

    (That's right, people. Like it was NBD.)

    Mattiuzzo says it was then her husband Ryan's job to hand over her Nikon D5 once she started pushing -- and he dutifully obliged once the final pushes came.

  • Still, the whole plan was almost squashed at the last minute when Mattiuzzo's epidural wasn't fully effective and the pain almost overpowered her.

    "When you go into labor you have in your head that at least you know the epidural will provide some comfort," she says. "But when it didn't take fully I questioned myself if I would be able to actually take the photos due to the pain."

    The moment that thought escaped her lips, though, she convinced herself to power through.

    "After saying those words out loud to my husband and mother who were there in the delivery room, I realized if I didn't try it would be something I would regret," she now says. "So I told my husband to hold the camera and be ready to pass it to me when the doctor said it would be the last push."

  • Her persistence definitely paid off -- and she's now incredibly grateful to have those first moments of baby Easton's life captured forever.

    "I am beyond grateful I took these photos. I wouldn't do anything different," she tells CafeMom. "I will for sure do this again when and if we have a second child. These photos will forever be the greatest photos I will ever take."

  • As she later recalled, the experience of seeing her first child after dreaming about the moment for months was almost indescribable.

    “The focus went away from the pain,” she told Buzzfeed. “It’s your son, it’s your child. Seeing him … I  can’t describe the feeling. You go nine months not knowing what they look like, who they are. And then to see finally see a healthy baby, you’re just overwhelmed with happiness.”

    Speaking with CafeMom, Mattiuzzo reiterates just how transformative it all was. 

    "It was the most amazing moment of my life," she says. "I don't regret and never will regret capturing that moment so I can relive it over an over again."

    Seriously -- let's all give a slow clap for this mama, who proved on Day 1 of motherhood that she's got this multitasking thing down pat.