20 Maternity Looks Perfect for Attending a Spring Wedding

Jess Richardson | Mar 11, 2019 Pregnancy
20 Maternity Looks Perfect for Attending a Spring Wedding
Image: A Pea in the Pod

Empire Waist Maxi Maternity Dress
A Pea in the Pod

What to wear to all of the weddings we're invited to this spring? While it's always tricky to figure out exactly what we should be wearing to a friend or relative's wedding -- and the rules about what's exactly appropriate vary greatly depending on the time of day and level of formality of the event -- it's definitely 1,000% easier to figure out what we're wearing when we're not pregnant. As with everything in a pregnancy, this part is just a little bit trickier than before. Of course, weddings are a joy to attend -- and while knocking back a few glasses of champagne is off the table at the moment, we can still definitely get down with the glory that is wedding food, not to mention shaking it for all we're worth on the dance floor. 

One question we're always faced with in terms of maternity clothing: Exactly how much do we want to spend on a garment that we're only going to wear for a couple of months? Some of these are inexpensive but still well-designed garments, while others are definitely high-quality investment pieces that will last well into nursing (and are even constructed to be easy to nurse in, so it's easy to get plenty of use of out of them) We found a range of beautiful options in a rainbow of colors and prints to wear to weddings this spring, at a variety of different price points, so they can fit all budgets. Some of these outfits, intended for more low-key weddings, will definitely also work for the office, brunch, or just a walk through the park on a spring day. Some of the others are clearly going to be good only for that one, ultra-special event -- which is honestly kind of beautiful and amazing in its own right. Why not splurge a tiny bit on looking incredible while pregnant, after all? 

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