Friends Get in Fight About 'Borrowing' Mom's New Car Seat & People Are Divided

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Buying the things that you need for baby can be so exciting; you get to image what your unborn little one is going to look like wearing these booties or that teeny, tiny hat. But for one mom, she was a little put off when a friend asked her if she could borrow her brand-new car seat for a few hours, months before the mom was due to give birth. The mom refused her friend's request, but now it's caused a HUGE debate on whether or not this mom was overreacting.

  • The mom explained that the drama started when she and a friend wanted to take a day trip with her friend's 1-year-old son.

    In a thread on Mumsnet, the pregnant mom wrote that her friend doesn't drive so she agreed to pick her and her little one up. But unfortunately, her friend forgot the car seat she uses at her mom's house and her plan B was to borrow this mom's new one. 

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  • But the mom was hesitant to let her borrow her car seat. She wanted to keep it in pristine condition for when her baby is born. 

    Mumsnet thread

    The mom wrote that she is currently 32 weeks pregnant, "so [I've] have had a new car seat that my MIL bought us in the car to practice getting it in and out etc."

    "I was a bit put out by this suggestion as it's my first child and quite a lot of money has been spent on this car seat. I really dislike the idea of my [dear child] not being the first to use it," the mom lamented. She added that she was worried that her friend's kid would get the seat messy and offered to take her friend to the store to get a cheap new seat -- her treat!

    "Friend told me this was a '(expletive) ridiculous idea' and that I was 'just being precious' about my baby's things," the mom wrote. "'She's not even born yet, she doesn't care who uses her stuff.' And then went on to say I obviously wasn't bothered about her [dear son's] safety to put him in a cheap car seat!"

    Now the mom wants to know: is she being unreasonable?

  • Some people online thought the mom was being a little too protective about her unborn baby's things.

    These users argued that kids get stuff dirty, but a car seat is easy to clean. Let your friend use the car seat and just keep the Clorox wipes handy!

  • And one person wrote that the mom should just let her friend's child use her car seat on this occasion. 

    "I would have let her use the car seat," another person added. "And I wouldn’t be wanting my child in a (expletive) £40 seat, regardless of if someone was paying for it."

    A third person agreed that "Whilst I can see where you were coming from, the seat wouldn't get mucky from one use. You could have said no eating and would have been fine."

  • But some people disagreed and can completely understand where mom-to-be is coming from.

    If the mom wants to keep it for her baby then that's her choice, they argued. No one should feel pressured to do something they don't want to do.

  • And one mom shared that she felt the exact same way when she had her baby.


    "Hmmm ... you are being a bit unreasonable, but I would feel exactly the same to be honest!" commented another mom. 

    Someone else was on the mom's side too. "Your car seat, your first baby, your choice," the person wrote. "(It was) Your friends choice to ‘forget’ car seat and turn down your offer."

  • In the end, the mom actually felt better for turning her friend down.

    "Wow, I feel like I've split the room," the mom wrote. "I don't really mind if it makes me bonkers 🤷🏻‍♀️ I think we're allowed to be a little bit entitled about our baby's new things, especially if they were a gift." 

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