30 Baby Names Inspired by Everyone's Favorite Binge Shows

Kaitlin Stanford | Mar 7, 2019 Pregnancy
30 Baby Names Inspired by Everyone's Favorite Binge Shows
Image: HBO

Arya Stark from Game of Thrones looks past the camera intensely.

We've pretty much all got a short list of favorite binge shows in our minds. The ones we'd drop anything for to watch, even if it means clearing our calendars for a whole weekend and never leaving the couch. (Sigh ... sounds like the perfect weekend, amiright?) 

So hey, why not glean a little baby name inspiration from the stars of our favorite binge shows? Think about it: We all love us some Jamie Fraser from Outlander. (And not just because of those chiseled pecs and big, strong arms -- though they ain't half bad, if we're being honest.) He's brave and honorable; intelligent and charismatic -- exactly what we'd want our kiddo to grow up to be. Now picture a little Jamie running around the house one day ... Maybe he won't be fighting off the Brits in a kilt, but I can guarantee he'll be slaying it at building Lego castles.

Plus, it makes for a pretty cool story years from now, when he inevitably gets asked where his name comes from, and can proudly say, "My parents named me after a guy on some old show my mom was obsessed with." (See? Turns out upgrading that cable package for Outlander was totally worth it.) But even if the name Jamie doesn't make the cut, there are literally tons more amazing shows out there with distinctive character names to choose from. 

Still nursing a serious Downton Abbey addiction? What about Violet, for Violet Crawley, the hilarious (and famously stubborn) matriarch of the Crawley family? She may not know what a "weekend" is, but she's smart as a whip when it comes to social intrigues. Or maybe the name Rustin -- as in Rustin Cohle, from Season One of True Detective would feel more unusual. Or, why not consider Gus (Gus Fring) from Better Call Saul? It's cute, quirky, and kinda hipster (which is the perfect kinda baby name, if you ask me). There's also Nate Fisher, from Six Feet Under, Zoe from House of Cards, Stella from The Fall ... seriously, I could go on and on.  

Need more ideas? Click through for 30 more baby names inspired by more shows we just. can't. stop. watching. But beware -- this list may contain some (moderate) spoilers.


    Sasha Williams looks off-camera pensively.

    The Walking Dead has plenty of characters to hate, but Sasha Williams can't help but earn respect for her practicality, excellent survival skills, and expert marksmanship -- which has saved her butt in a lot of hairy situations. So it seems pretty fitting that the name Sasha, which originated in France, actually means "helper or defender of mankind."


    Close-up of Dustin Henderson from Stranger Things looking intrigued.

    Seriously, who didn't love Dustin Henderson on Stranger Things? OK, fine, so there was that one time he secretly hid a Demogorgon in his house, which kinda sorta led to a near-disaster ... but all is forgiven now, right? 

    In Stranger Things, the quirky 12-year-old is a lovable sidekick and a loyal best friend; but according to the Baby Name Wizard, the name Dustin originated as a surname. "Some believe it to be an altered form of Thurston," the site asserts, "which is derived from the Old Norse Thorstein (Thor’s stone)."


    Skyler looks over her shoulder with a serious expression on her face.

    Not many people could hold it together after their husband reveals he's actually selling meth out of a van and not just teaching chemistry to high schoolers -- but then again, not many people are Skyler White. While the mom of two from Breaking Bad is continually shocked by the turn their life has taken, Skyler (Anna Gunn) has plenty of tough-as-nails moments that prove she'll do anything to protect her family.

    According to the Baby Name Wizard, the name Skyler believed to have derived from the either the word for sky or the island of Skye, which sits off the coast of Scotland.


    Lane Pryce sits back in an office chair wearing a full suit and glasses.

    When we think of Mad Men, we tend to think about the fashion, the fashion, and the fashion. (Oh yeah, and there were some pretty good story lines in there, too.) But there were also some pretty memorable monikers to glean some baby name inspiration from, as well. 

    Wanting something classic, but not outdated? Look past the Peggys, Joans, and Rogers and consider a name like Lane (after Lane Pryce, the British CFO at Sterling Cooper who works alongside Don Draper). The name itself is derived from Old English, and means a narrow country road.

  • ARYA

    Image of Arya Stark looking up intensely.

    Game of Thrones sure has a treasure trove of unusual baby names to choose from. But if parents can't quite see a little Cersei or Tyrion on the kindergarten roster one day, Arya might be the perfect alternative -- it's uncommon yet traditional, while still being little badass.

    While Arya Stark is known for her fiery, independent spirit, sword-fighting skills, and unmatched bravery, the name actually has Indian origins, and means "noble goddess."


    Close-up on Derek Shepherd, wearing a coat and looking off-camera with a neutral expression.

    Is there a man or woman out there who didn't absolutely love McDreamy -- ahem -- I mean Derek Shepherd? Answer: Nope. The handsome surgeon (played by Patrick Dempsey) was basically Prince Charming in a doctor's coat on Grey's Anatomy, and will forever be in our hearts.

    The name, which has German roots, means "ruler, leader, king," which makes it kinda perfect for any little guy with a big personality.


    Claire Fraser and her husband Jamie hold hands at a fancy affair in the 1700s.

    In Outlander, the clever and beautiful Claire Randall falls through a crack in time and suddenly finds herself in the 18th century Scottish Highlands. Forced to hide the fact that she's really a British war nurse from 1946, she winds up marrying the swashbuckling Jamie Fraser and ... well, pretty much living out all of our historical romance fantasies.

    The name itself means "bright, clear, and famous," and has been around for centuries, according to the Baby Name Wizard. In fact, it's been pretty popular throughout Europe and the British Isles for some time now. 


    Angel Batista wears a fedora and suspenders while holding up a suspect's photo.

    Even a die-hard Dexter fan would stop short of naming their kid after Dexter Morgan, the blood spatter analyst with murderous tendencies. But what about his best friend, Angel Batista, the good-natured homicide detective with a heart of gold?

    Sweet and gender-neutral, it's no wonder the Greek name -- which means "divine messenger" -- has spiked in popularity in the US in last few decades.


    Peach Salinger talks to a person off-camera while sitting in a restaurant.

    Peach Salinger may not be everyone's favorite character on You, but she sure is one smart cookie. The gorgeous (albeit over-confident) socialite, played by Shay Mitchell, was on to the mysterious Joe from Day One, and gets thisclose to exposing the truth when things take a dark turn.

    While the name itself is rare (and more likely to be a nickname), it's sweet, simple, and distinctive -- and might just suit a future baby girl perfectly.


    Rowan Pope wears a suit and has a serious expression in a close-up.

    On ABC's political drama Scandal, Rowan "Eli" Pope (played by Joe Morton) was Olivia Pope's questionably sinister dad -- undeniable genius, fiercely loyal, and always one step ahead of everyone else.

    As a name, Rowan's one of those classic monikers that's off the beaten path, for anyone who wants a name that's not topping the baby name charts. In Gaelic, it means "little red-haired one," and is actually now gaining traction as a girl's name, too. 

  • LILY

    Lily sits on a bus looking next to her father, looking at him with a skeptical expression.

    Oh, lovable Lily! She's quirky, artistic, and everyone's best friend on CBS's comedy, How I Met Your Mother. Sure, she may not be able to keep a secret if her life depended on it, and has a hardcore shopping addiction she may or may not be hiding from her husband, but Lily Aldrin (played by Alyson Hannigan) is a quality person, through and through. 

    The name Lily has Old English roots and -- no surprise -- comes from the flower of the same name. However, it can also sometimes be short for the name Lillian, which is equally classic and lovely.

  • JACK

    Jack Bauer stands in a dark alley in a black leather jacket looking serious.

    Before there was Jack Ryan, there was Jack Bauer -- the badass federal agent and main protagonist of Fox's 24, who always follows his gut and puts his life on the line whenever it's needed. 

    Jack, which is traditionally a nickname for John (which means "God is gracious"), is more often being used as a stand-alone boy's name, or the shortened version of Jackson.


    Piper smiles while standing in a prison hallway.

    In Netflix's dramedy Orange Is the New Black, Piper Chapman (whose story is based on the real-life experience of Piper Kerman), finds herself incarcerated for flying a suitcase full of money overseas, after getting into a relationship with an international drug smuggler.

    OK, so maybe most parents wouldn't want to tell anyone that they named their baby after a woman who smuggled drugs and went to prison for it ... but come on, how cute is the name Piper?! It's quirky, classic, and kind of fun. In Old English it literally means "one who plays the pipe."

  • RYAN

    Ryan sits next to Kelly in the office meeting room, talking to the camera.

    I know, I know -- if most people had to pick a favorite character on The Office, it probably wouldn't be Ryan; it would probably be Jim or Michael. But that future kindergarten roster is gonna be chock full of little Jameses and Michaels. Ryan, on the other hand, is traditional without being too overdone.

    The ancient Irish baby name is believed to mean "little king," and originally stems from the Irish surname O'Riain (a descendant of Rian). 

    (My one word of advice for anyone planning on having a little Ryan one day: Just don't let him near a toaster oven.)


    Paige Jennings sits in the back seat of a car looking off-camera concerned.

    Paige Jennings acts as the moral compass behind the Russian-American espionage show, The Americans -- even if she is just a kid. Continually curious about her parents, Elizabeth and Philip, the curious teen spends the first two seasons suspecting they have something to hide, until she finally confronts them.

    The name itself -- which is derived from the Anglo-French word page, meaning a young personal attendant -- peaked during the 1990s, though it's waned in the years since.


    Sawyer from Lost stands shirtless by the water, with long hair.

    Sigh. For anyone who's spent hours of their lives glued to their couch while bingeing all six seasons of Lost, chances are they've lusted after a shirtless Sawyer on more than a few occasions. The handsome flirt was known for his sarcasm, chiseled abs, and slightly rough-around-the-edges demeanor; but ultimately, he proved that his best characteristic was that of a loyal friend.

    Commonly used as both a boy's name and a girl's name, Sawyer is a Celtic name that means "cuts timber."


    April glares at the camera while wearing a sleeveless red top.

    Sure, April Ludgate may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's impossible not to laugh at the dead-pan style of humor actress Aubrey Plaza portrays her with. While she starts out as what might be the strangest (and laziest) intern ever, April eventually works her way up to Deputy Director of Animal Control, where she's ... well, just as awkward and delightfully weird as ever, TBH.

    The name April is, of course, derived from the month of April, and drums up images in the mind of rainy spring days and budding flowers. 


    Quinn leans against a cinderblock wall, sweaty and with an intense look in his eye.

    If there's anyone who didn't fall in love with Quinn (Peter Quinn) from Homeland (and not-so-secretly root for him to get together with Carrie), then I'm not sure we were watching the same show. Yes, the clever (and super handsome) CIA operative is technically an assassin, but he's got a conscience; a self-described "guy who kills bad guys" who totally had it coming. 

    The name Quinn is derived from the Anglican surname O'Cuinn, according to the Baby Name Wizard, and is pretty versatile these days, since it's commonly used as a gender-neutral baby name.


    Lorelei Gilmore smiles while standing in front of a bale of hay.
    Warner Bros. Pictures

    Lorelei Gilmore might just be one of the most iconic characters of all time. That quick-witted banter? Those lightning-fast comebacks? That unhealthy obsession with chugging coffee and eating pints of ice cream and pizza on the daily? Yep -- it's all part of why we love Lorelei like she was one of our own BFFs.

    Even if the name seems a bit too tied to the beloved Gilmore Girls character, it's a beautiful baby name that deserves consideration. (Plus, it can always be shortened to Rory!) 


    Jonah Byrde stands in a kitchen, holding an infant baby and looking concerened.

    In Ozark, Marty Byrde (played by Jason Bateman) is one smart guy who gets caught up in the tricky (oh yeah, and illegal) business of money laundering. But it's not too long before we begin to see that his son Jonah is just as smart as his dad -- and has apparently been learning from the master all along.

    The name Jonah, which means "dove," is a Hebrew name stemming all the way back to the Old Testament.


    Fiona Gallagher looks up at the sky, tired and stressed.

    Fiona has Gaelic roots, and means "fair, white, and clear." On Shameless, the name belongs to Fiona Gallagher, a fiercely loyal big sister to four younger siblings who've fallen on hard times. After assuming responsibility for her siblings from a super young age, Fiona is wise beyond her years and resourceful, to say the least. (Seriously, there's no challenge that she wouldn't overcome in the name of her family.)


    The Reagan family sits around the dinner table, talking.

    OK, so technically Reagan isn't the name of any one character on CBS's drama, Blue Bloods; but it is a name that looms large in the New York City-based police procedural. Reagan is the surname of the Irish family at the center of the show -- a tight-knit clan from Brooklyn that works hard to protect the city, and even harder to keep their family ties intact.

    In Norse legend, the name Reagan refers to a wise man, and was traditionally a male name, but today it's also used for girls.