20 Glam Baby Names Inspired by Oscar Films

Megan Zander | Feb 28, 2019 Pregnancy
20 Glam Baby Names Inspired by Oscar Films
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baby names inspired by Oscar films

Everyone believes that their baby is a star, which is why movies are a great place to go for some glamorous baby name inspiration. But when it comes to selecting the perfect name for a baby girl or a baby boy, honoring a character in any old movie simply won't do. After all, no one remembers the name of the third female lead in Scream III or who the main character was in 2018's Sicario: Day of The Solodado (we love Emily Blunt, but not even she could save that one).

 For a cinematic baby name that stands out, Oscar-nominated films are where to look. These are the movies that define generations, the storylines and characters that people remember long after the house lights come back up. 

Even if the baby in question doesn't grow up to be a famous actor or actress, bestowing little one with an Oscar-inspired baby name can still be done. In fact, selecting a name from a character in a popular film is sometimes easier than looking to a book of baby names. It's hard to determine from a piece of paper what a Nina or an Ian might be like in real life. But when we consider characters we've seen by those names, like Nina, the talented ballerina in Black Swan or Ian as the steadfast military man in The Arrival, suddenly we get an idea of what type of personality a child by that name might have.

Other times, selecting a baby name from an Oscar film is a nod to a favorite actor or quiet a way for a couple to make a movie they loved while dating part of their family's forever story. 

See if any of these characters from Oscar-worthy films spark a baby name match. Or, just have fun lamenting which movies were totally robbed of their gold spoils. 


    baby names inspired by Oscar films

    With three Oscar nominations in 2017, including best picture and best supporting actress, Hidden Figures is a girl-power masterpiece for the new generation. Joylette, Katherine Coleman's mother, went to great lengths to give her children the best life possible. It's a name with a bit of old-school glamour and an honor to this strong woman. 


    baby names inspired by Oscar films

    David O Russell fans should consider Irving, in honor of Christian Bale's character in American Hustle as a trendy yet classic cinematic baby name. With a whopping 10 Academy Award nominations, the film still has people talking, making it a baby name that will seem just a tiny bit familiar while standing out on a class list. 


    baby names inspired by Oscar films

    With five 2015 Oscar nominations, including a win for best actor, The Theory of Everything is a movie both film critics and science fans will remember for decades to come. We think the name Beryl, who was Jane Hawking's mother, is a truly special name for a baby girl that honors both the movie and Stephen Hawking's groundbreaking work. 


    baby names inspired by Oscar films

    It's impossible to think of swoon-worthy Oscar performances without talking about Jackson Maine from A Star is Born. Bradley Cooper may have walked away empty-handed, but with the baby name Jackson for a sweet little boy, the movie (and his on-stage performance with Lady Gaga) can forever live on in our hearts. 


    baby names inspired by Oscar films

    Abigail is a Hebrew name meaning "Father's joy." Fans of the 2019 Oscar darling The Favorite will also recognize it as the name of Queen Anne's clever handmaid turned baroness. It's a great little girl name for anyone a fan of historical films, or anyone who hopes to see their daughter passionately chase their dreams, as Abigail did. 


    baby names inspired by Oscar films

    With eight Academy Award nominations and two wins, Milk shared the story of politician and gay rights actives Harvey Milk to the world. A Celtic name meaning, "Eager for battle," Harvey is a wonderful baby name pick for anyone looking to honor his legacy, or raise a child who also stands up for what's right and just. 

  • MIA

    baby names inspired by Oscar films

    When it comes to iconic love stories set as movie musicals, our grandparents had West Side Story. We have La La Land. Up for 12 awards, the film waltzed away with five (but not best picture -- remember the mix-up?) Mia never gave up on her dreams of making it big and falling in love. Isn't that what any parent would want for their little girl?


    baby names inspired by Oscar films

    Chiron is Greek for "centaur." Like the main character by the same name in the 2017 Oscar darling Moonlight, centaurs are beautiful, complex beings. It's a powerful baby name for anyone looking to set their son apart from peers, or who hopes their little boy grows up to honor all the many facets of his personality. 


    baby names inspired by Oscar films

    If mom loves Broadway and dad's more into Oscar films, choosing the name Cosette, from the seven-time 2013 Oscar nominee Les Miserables, is a way to make both parents happy. As one of the few characters in the film who finds a happy ending, Cosette's a gorgeous name that signifies hope in even the most trying circumstances. 

  • HUGH

    baby names inspired by Oscar films

    DiCaprio stans whose husbands aren't thrilled with the idea of having a little Leo Jr. in the family can look to the 2016 Oscar blockbuster The Revenant for some baby boy name inspiration. Hugh's an old-fashioned name that's poised for a comeback. We'd hope a little boy with this name would share the same courage and determination as his movie namesake. 


    baby names inspired by Oscar films

    Wakanda lives on forever in the name Ramonda, the queen and T'Challa's mother in the 2019 three-time Oscar winner and six-time nominee Black Panther. A Spanish name meaning "Wise protector" it's the perfect name for a little princess who's sure to rule her own kingdom one day. 

  • FLIP

    baby names inspired by Oscar films

    BlacKkKlansman is more than just an Oscar-nominated and Oscar-winning movie. It's a powerful narrative on race relations in America, both in the 1970s and today. As a double undercover agent, Flip literally flip-flops his way through tricky spots to avoid detection. It's a one-of-a-kind baby name pick for a couple hoping to raise a child who lives a life of justice and equality. 


    baby names inspired by Oscar films

    The name Edith is Old English for "riches" or "blessings." It's also the name of the main character in 2008 best actress winning film, La Vie En Rose. Inspired by the life of famed singer Edith Piaf, the name is a pretty pick for a family that's musically inclined, or that hopes their baby girl will grow up with a love of performing. 


    baby names inspired by Oscar films

    With over a dozen Oscar nominations, including wins for best picture and best actor, it's impossible to hear the name Forrest without thinking about the film Forrest Gump. The movie gave us multiple pop culture references that are still used today. It's a special name for a child who will hopefully look to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, just like Forrest did in the film. 


    baby names inspired by Oscar films

    Looking for a baby girl name with a clever built-in nickname? Think about choosing Christine after the title character in the five-time nominated 2018 Oscar film Ladybird. Dreaming of adulthood on the opposite coast and longing for a way to assert her independence, it's a great well-known name for anyone hoping to raise a child with unconditional love.


    baby names inspired by Oscar films

    With an impressive nine Oscar nominations in 2009, many of us fell in love with the movie Avatar and the character of Jake Sully. A brave explorer of an alien planet, Sully taught us all about loving all creatures and the planet that provides for us. It's a special baby name, and who knows, maybe little Sully will be old enough to watch the sequel when it finally hits theaters. 


    baby names inspired by Oscar films

    With a whopping 13 Oscar nominations, Shakespeare In Love was such a fabulous film, it's hard to remember that it wasn't written by the bard himself.  Viola, an English name that means "Violet," fought to follow her heart and her dreams of being on stage. We think giving a baby her name would be a beautiful wish for a little girl. 


    baby names inspired by Oscar films

    As the lonely protagonist in Oscar's 2014 film Her, Theodore taught us about life and love in the age of electronics. It's an old-fashioned name inspired by a modern film, great for trend loving parents who love blending antique furniture with modern art. Theodore comes from the Latin word for "God's gift."

  • NINA

    baby names inspired by Oscar films

    Nina is a Hindu name meaning "pretty eyes," a great start for anyone seeking an awesome name for their baby girl. Darren Aronofsky fans will also remember it as the name of the star character in the 2011 Oscar movie Black Swan. Whether the goal is a name to inspire a tiny ballerina or choose a subtle nod to one of the cinematic greats, it's a sweet name that's not often used. 

  • IAN

    baby names inspired by Oscar films
    Tatiana Dyuvbanova/iStock

    It's rare for a science-fiction film to grab Oscar attention, but with eight nominations in 2017, the story of The Arrival and its characters is not one easily forgotten. Ian (a Scottish name that means "gift from God") helps Louise unlock an alien language, eventually agreeing to make a life with her, even if it won't last forever. It's a beautiful baby name pick for fans of the film and parents hoping to raise a child who lives and loves in the moment. 

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