Is It Normal? Spotting in Early Pregnancy

Some pregnancy symptoms can be both annoying and reassuring -- a reminder that, while what you're experiencing may not be fun, you've got a baby growing inside you. And then some symptoms can be a little scary, especially for first-time moms. asked moms in Pregnancy about light spotting in the first trimester. Here's what moms had to say.


"I've had spotting with each of my pregnancies, so, yes, it can be normal, but it's something you should discuss with your doctor."

"Light pink spotting at six weeks -- without cramping and since it's nothing severe, I'd say it sounds OK. But call your OB to ease your mind."

"The same thing happened to me at six weeks -- I went to the ER and they told me I was fine, and that it was likely implantation bleeding. The doctor told me not to worry unless the blood was bright red and soaking through a pad in an hour. But you should call your doctor for reassurance."

The American Pregnancy Association says that vaginal bleeding in the first trimester is not uncommon, but bleeding in later trimesters may signal a possible complication.

Always call your doctor with any concerns.

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