20 Maternity Bathing Suits Perfect for Poolside Nesting

Megan Zander | Feb 28, 2019 Pregnancy
20 Maternity Bathing Suits Perfect for Poolside Nesting
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Finding comfy maternity clothes that we feel good in can be a challenge ( like deciding between maternity jeans -- panel? no panel? half panel? Can we just wear sweatpants for the next nine months?) 

But if finding everyday maternity clothes we love is a struggle, finding a maternity swimsuit we feel confident in can seem downright impossible. After all, most women rank shopping for a new bathing suit right up there with having a root canal or running into an ex-boyfriend on a day when we've got a giant zit on our chin. Throw in the challenges of a body that's rapidly changing from pregnancy and it's easy to see why gestating indoors all summer starts to seem like a solid option. 

The obvious appeal of staying in air conditioning all summer long aside, being pregnant is no reason to miss out on trips to the pool or beach. In fact, giving the lower back a well-deserved rest and letting the water hold the bump afloat for a while can be the recharging afternoon a mom-to-be deserves. Plus, any expectant woman who's already a mom knows it's not summer without swimming with the kids at least once. 

Not so long ago, swimsuit options for pregnant women were anything but fashionable. For some reason, designers thought pregnant women should hide their frames in plain black. They also believed that draping baby bumps like tents was flattering (newsflash: it's not). This left pregnant women on the beach to look like tiny black tents scattered along the coastline. 

Fortunately, there are tons of cute and comfy maternity swimsuits on the market today. From colorful tankinis perfect for running to the bathroom to trendy one-pieces that are perfect for beach maternity photos, we've rounded up 20 great maternity swimsuits to make the summer trimester a gorgeous one. 

  • Embroidered One Piece


    Looking to hide that baby bump a little longer? This maternity swimsuit uses intricate detailing like embroidered flowers and ties on the upper half to draw attention away from a growing bump, making it easier to go to that family picnic early in pregnancy without having to make a big announcement.  

    Embroidered One-Piece  ($108, A Pea in the Pod)

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  • Ruffled Cross Front Tankini


    This swimsuit was designed with a growing bump in mind. Cross back straps help lend support to that new cup size, while trendy ruffles keep everything looking stylish. The cool pattern makes it look like a one-piece, but it's actually a tankini, making it easier for all those trips to the bathroom. 

    Ruffed Cross Front Tankini ($40, Motherhood Maternity)

  • Gingham Halter V-Neck


    This cute and simple one-piece is perfect for moms pregnant with baby number two (or three!) The halter top provides support for bending over and making sandcastles, and the fun gingham pattern will hold up to plenty of splashing in the waves. Ruching on the sides means the suit will grow with a bump, so no worries about pattern distortion by August. 

    Gingham Halter V-Neck ($45, Old Navy)

  • Tropical Floral Tie-Back One-Piece

    maternity swimsuits

    Headed on a babymoon before becoming a family of three? This tropical one-piece makes a great swimsuit for an island getaway. The tie-front top offers plenty of cleavage coverage for anyone who's still getting used to their bigger cup size, and we love the bright colors and active pattern. 

    Tropical Floral Tie-Back One-Piece ($70, Gap)

  • Ruched Two-Piece


    All pregnant women are goddesses, which is why a summer pregnancy is a great time to show the world how amazing we are by rocking two-piece. This one has a cool pattern and plenty of ruching on the bottoms to support a growing bump. It's a good option for anyone who tends to run warm during pregnancy. 

    Ruched Two-Piece ($45, Motherhood Maternity)

  • Ruffled Off-Shoulder One-Piece

    maternity swimsuit

    For a maternity swim look that's perfect for an Instagram photo sesh, check out this sweet one-piece. It's striped, off-the-shoulder, and has ruffles, leaving no 2019 trend behind. For anyone who usually shies away from trendy clothes, this may be the one to grab. After all, that baby bump won't be around next summer.

    Ruffled Off-Shoulder One-Piece ($70, Gap)

  • One Shoulder One-Piece


    For anyone whose summer pregnancy plans include endless hours lounging in a chaise with a mocktail in hand, this chic one-piece suit will help get those #summergoals done in style. With muted pastel flowers and its asymmetrical design, it's a bold fashion choice we love. 

    One Shoulder One-Piece ($98, Macy's)

  • Floral Tankini Top

    maternity Swimsuits

    This floral tankini top is a pretty swim option for anyone who doesn't love the feeling of wet swimsuit tight against their bump. The swinging bottom provides movement and a bit more coverage than other suits, and we're loving the removable halter strap. Put the strap on when in the waves, take it off to avoid tan lines when hanging sandside. 

    Floral Tankini Top ($60, Gap)

  • Ruffle Trim Plus-Sized One-Piece


    This plus-sized one piece looks like the gorgeous blue of a favorite pair of jeans. We're guessing it would look great for maternity photos against pale sand. The off-the-shoulder detailing is cute and trendy, and a wide ruffle provides plenty of coverage for anyone looking to protect their chest from UV rays. 

    Ruffle Trim Plus-Sized One-Piece ($46, Pink Blush)

  • Montego Bay One-Piece


    For the mama-to-be who wants to stand out on a crowded beach, this one-piece is sure to get the job done. A plunging neckline with bold black trim shows off any new cleavage the hormone gods have granted, and the funky pattern looks almost like snakeskin, but without the strange texture. 

    Montego Bay One-Piece ($96, Nordstrom)

  • Palm Springs Two-Piece


    This nautical-inspired tankini is a cute look for a mom to be expecting a little sailor soon, or for a retro-inspired beach maternity shoot. Bright red detailing along the top give the suit fun energy, and makes it easy to accessorize. Just swipe on a bold lippy, grab a pair of red sunnies and hit the sand. 

    Palm Springs Two-Piece ($115, Nordstrom)

  • Ruched Plus-Size Floral Swim Top


    Show off that growing bump with pride in this plus-sized floral swim top. Pair it with any comfy swim bottoms for a customized look that will last all summer long. Blue on blue flowers keep the pattern looking classy instead of too youthful, and wide straps help lend support in the chest area. 

    Ruched Plus Size Floral Swim Top ($40, Destination Maternity)

  • Striped Lace-Up One-Piece


    This color block one-piece is so fun, we wouldn't mind wearing it even after baby is born. Bold graphics draw the eye up, bringing attention to that pregnancy glow, and there's a fun lace-up feature between the bra cups. The suit scoops low on the hips so mama will be comfy as she swims or sunbathes. 

    Striped Lace-Up One-Piece ($40, Target)

  • Josie Floral Tankini


    For moms-to-be who are always running to the bathroom thanks to the baby using their bladder as a trampoline, a two-piece suit makes using the restroom easier. This bright halter tankini would look great on vacation or at the local beach and has cute ribbon detailing on the bottoms for a little extra flair. 

    Josie Floral Tankini ($106, Nordstrom)

  • Birds of Paradise Tankini


    For a simple, basic maternity swimsuit that's still a bit more exciting than just plain old black, check out this birds of paradise patterned tankini. Pastel pinks and whites form a pretty pattern that won't draw too much attention for moms-to-be who don't want to answer a ton of questions about their pregnancy from strangers on the sand. 

    Birds of Paradise Tankini ($33, Target)

  • Geo Pattern One-Piece


    This simple black one-piece is the Audrey Hepburn of maternity swimsuits. It's understated and elegant and looks great no matter what size baby bump it's covering. The cool geometric pattern around the neckline almost looks like a bold statement necklace, but without any of the weight. 

    Geo-Pattern One Piece ($99, Nordstrom)

  • Purple Printed Tankini Top


    If showing off that glorious bump is the goal, this purple printed tankini top will get the job done. With bright patterns and horizontal stripes, people will be tripping over themselves to comment on the beach ball that's hiding under the bathing suit. Supported straps and generous cups help keep everything lifted and in place. 

    Purple Printed Tankini Top ($25, Target)

  • Striped Two-Piece


    This bright tankini is a comfortable way to take a growing baby bump to the pool. The solid blue top offers movement and won't stick to a belly. The bra-like top offers great support. And the striped bottoms are playful and fun, cute for a mom to be who wants people to notice something besides her stomach for a change. 

    Striped Two-Piece ($110, Nordstrom)

  • One Shoulder Ruffle One-Piece


    If being pregnant feels like winning a beauty pageant, this one shoulder ruffled one-piece will help declare those ecstatic feelings to the world. With it's bright, bold color and trendy details, it looks like a swimsuit made for expectant royalty. Embrace that pregnancy glow and strut it, momma!

    One Shoulder Ruffle One-Piece ($40, Destination Maternity)

  • Mesh Panel One-Piece


    For moms to be who want to give their bump a dose of vitamin D, this mesh panel one-piece suit is a cute way to show a baby bump off to the sun (and the beach crowd!) Wide solid panels help support the bump and offer plenty of cleavage coverage, making this suit a comfy one to rock. 

    Mesh Panel One Piece ($46, Pink Blush)

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