This 'Baby Fight' Gender Reveal Is Perfect for Parents With a Sense of Humor

gender reveal fight.

For some parents, learning the sex of their baby is almost as exciting as learning they were pregnant to begin with. And in our time, we've seen a lot of creative and fun ways to announce whether parents-to-be are having a boy or girl ... but nothing quite tops this reveal, posted by singer/songwriter Summer Walker

  • Walker recently posted this video to help share the good news about her sister's gender reveal, and man is it unique. 

    For anyone having issues playing the video, the gist is basically two adults in blowup baby suits (one a boy and one a girl) fighting in the street. Eventually the boy is named the champion, and thus, is the revealed gender of the mom-to-be's baby. 

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  • People could not handle the sheer genius and hilarity of this hysterical reveal. 


    A lot of commenters hailed the idea as "cute." 

  • Others were all about stealing this idea. 


    I mean it IS pretty damn hysterical. 

  • A few did find the reveal to be slightly terrifying. 

    baby reveal

    I mean, getting a good look at those costumes is enough to send a few chills up the spine. 

  • All in all, the general consensus seems to be that the reveal was just too dang funny. 

    After all, it isn't every day that one catches two adult-sized babies brawling in the street. 

    Congrats to these new parents, and we sincerely hope they keep their sense of humor throughout their days of parenting.