Delusional MIL Refuses to Call Grandkids By the Names Mom Gave Them


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Whatever you name your baby, the amazing thing is that it's YOUR decision. Nobody besides you and your partner gets to name your kid, even if you want to really try something unique or outlandish -- that's the perk of being the parent. Well, for one woman on the Internet, her mother-in-law seemed to not respect the baby-name boundaries and now she refuses to call her new grandchild by the name mom and dad lovingly gave her. And she doesn't just avoid them by going for an endearing nickname ... instead she only calls her grandkids by the monikers she originally wanted them to have. She won't stop and this has officially ticked off her daughter-in-law.

  • The drama started when the MIL decided she wanted her unborn granddaughter to be named Nevaeh, the mom tells CafeMom.

    Reddit thread

    As the mom wrote in her post on Reddit, her MIL is pretty religious and came up with a name she thought would be perfect -- but mom didn't agree. "I would rather gargle broken glass and gasoline," she wrote. "I politely declined or changed the subject a few times."

    The mom decided to go with a different name, but her MIL didn't give up on her wish. "Y'all can name her whatever you want, but I'm gonna call her Nay Nay. Short for Nevaeh," she tells CafeMom that her MIL said. "Who the F does that?"

    And get this -- that was years ago and she has refused to stop with the Nay Nay nonsense this entire time.

    If that wasn't disrespectful enough, her MIL pulled the same stunt with her second granddaughter, who is nearly a toddler now. "Her dad chose her middle name," the mom wrote. "MIL only calls her by that or a country-fied version of it."

    The mom also updated her original post to explain that her husband died in July and for now, she and her kids are stuck living right around the corner from her in-laws. Unfortunately, this is making the situation much, much worse. "My partner and I have always hated the nickname," she wrote, "but when he was alive we only saw them a couple times a month, so it wasn't as annoying." 

    But still, the constant diss of mom's wishes is starting to grate on her. "We've been dealing with that for years," she wrote. "Who the (expletive) does that?"

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  • Online, the vote was unanimous: The MIL was being straight-up rude.

    Many people argued that it was disrespectful of the MIL to force her wishes on her grandchildren. And worse -- to totally disregard the probably very nice name that her son and daughter-in-law picked out.

  • One person wrote in that they "would not put up with this if I were you."

    "You can call them by their names or they can call you 'grandmother we never see.' Your choice," another person suggested the mom say. "Or alternatively, every time she does it, get up, pack the kids up and leave without saying anything."

    And someone else was judging the MIL's choice in names. "Aside from the fact that she refuses to call [dear daughter] by her given name, she wanted that child's first name to be Amazing?! That is insane," the person commented.

  • But then there were some who suggested that the mom take her own revenge ...

    Just because she was stuck living with her in-laws, it doesn't mean she has to take the dig lying down, these user pointed out.

  • She has some options to let her MIL know she isn't pleased.

    Many people suggested that the mom should start calling her MIL by different biblical names with evil implications such as Lilith, Mazikeen, or Jezebel. However, that might be a little too much retribution for the mom's taste. 

    "I'm just trying to ride out the rest of the time we have to be here without making waves, until we're gone," she wrote.

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