Mom Teaches the Stranger Who Touched Her Baby Bump a Lesson -- By Grabbing Her Boob


pregnant woman touching her bump

For some reason, being pregnant weirdly makes many strangers think they have license to touch your body. You'll be walking around, minding your business, when all of the sudden BOOM a creepy hand will reach out and starting rubbing your bump like the Genie's lamp in Aladdin. This can be extremely uncomfortable for mom-to-be and for one woman, enough was enough. Which is why she decided to take matters into her own hands and give the lady a taste of her own medicine. "What I did was reach over and grab her boob," the mom-to-be wrote. And TBH, many who can relate are cracking up over this one.

  • The mom explained that at 36-weeks pregnant, she's at the roughest point of her pregnancy.

    In a post on Reddit that has since been removed, the anonymous mom explained that even though she's excited for her baby, she's had three miscarriages before and right now "I'm in the (expletive) trenches." Which of course means "nausea and vomiting almost every single day, food aversions that have left me with 'safe' foods in the single digits, and gestational hypertension." 

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  • Which means that when a stranger came over to touch the mom's belly, she had ZERO cares to give.

    Despite the fact that her "feet were screaming," the mom made herself go grocery shopping to "feel like an actual human being for 25 minutes." But little did she know that a stranger would take that away from her and instead, make her feel like an object. "This f*cking lady in her '50s actually reached out and touched my belly out of f*cking nowhere and was like 'Awww is it a boy or a girl?'" the mom ranted. And to make matters worse, "her hand was positioned like right where my shirt meets my pants so I could actually feel part of her hand on my bare skin." Ewwwwww. 

    You know when you've had just about enough of people for the day? Well yeah, call this mom a Thanksgiving turkey cause she was DONE with the interaction and instead ended it her own way. "What I did was reach over and grab her boob," she wrote.

    "Now when I say 'grab' I mean more that I placed my hand on the top of her boob until she pulled away pretty much instantly," she continued. "And she just looked at me with this absolutely aghast face and I was just like 'not great huh??' and walked away."

  • Although her husband agreed that this woman had no business touching her, her mom told her that she had no right to grab another lady's breast.

    The mom-to-be wrote that when she told her husband, he felt bad that she had been groped like the family pet, but her mom wasn't so permissive. She "flipped the f*ck out and ranted to me about how I can't just grab people because I am grouchy. Which...okay, true," she admitted.

    But in truth, the mom-to-be admitted that she didn't "see how it's much different from what she did to me."

    So the question remains: Is she a complete jerk for grabbing this lady's ta-tas or is the stranger in the wrong?

  • Most moms who commented on the post thought that the boob grab was the perfect response to a touchy stranger.

    These ladies have been there and felt no shame in admitting that they too had been on the receiving end of an unwanted belly rub. In fact, many thought the mom was hilarious.

  • One woman wrote in with an epic story of how her own friend dealt with some unwanted baby bump attention.

    Another person commented that they "really laughed out when I read this. I wish I had your balls when I was pregnant!"

    And someone else lamented that "Women lose all agency when pregnant. You get everyone from your family to complete f*cking strangers lecturing you on what you are and are not allowed to do in case it hurts the baaaaby," the user wrote. "You get told you can't drive, can't have sex, can't stay out late, can't work, can't do anything but prepare for the baaaaby. You are not a person; you're an incubator."

  • But not everyone was charmed by the mom's story. Some people thought it is never OK to grab another person.

    They argued that no matter how much you feel like the other person deserves it, it's not right grab another woman's breast. Which is why this mom was in the wrong.

  • One person felt that the mom could have just "told her to stop touching you" -- instead of, ya' know, grabbing her boob.

    "You should've told her (you were uncomfortable) instead of borderline sexually harassing her," the redditor wrote.

    And someone else thought the mom had been "taking out your frustration on that one lady and blind-siding her with borderline sexual assault."

    In the end, one of the moderators of the discussion decided to pull the mom's post. The moderator explained that even though "I agree that it's outrageous that pregnant women are expected to tolerate friends and strangers feeling their belly at will without invitation," and that "I agree that the OP's retaliation was surprising and funny. But that does not make it right."

    The moderator added that they "didn't create this group to tell people that sexual assault is ok as long as it's funny." Which is why they decided to pull the post. "I think a lot of you just got carried away enjoying the schadenfreude, and I'd like to remind you what we're here for: which is simply to judge what is right," they added.

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