20 Baby Boy Names Inspired by Classic Books

Megan Zander | Feb 28, 2019 Pregnancy
20 Baby Boy Names Inspired by Classic Books
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baby boy names from books

Picking the perfect name for a little boy who's soon to arrive is exciting, but it sure isn't easy. We want a name that conveys just how special our little man is and will sound just as good for an infant as it does for an adult with kids of his own. For instance, Duckie's a sweet and special name for a toddler, but for a 40-year-old? Not so much. 

With so many great names in the world, now do we narrow it down to just one? To thin the list of possibilities, many couples look to men in their lives they admire as possible contenders to give the honor of having a baby named after them. But if the name of the hub's college bestie or a favorite cousin isn't quite right, there's another place we can turn to find the perfect fit -- a favorite book.

The characters in our favorite books have a special place in our hearts. Rereading a cherished book is like catching up with old friends, ones we wish we knew in real life. What better way to show appreciation for a wonderful piece of literature than by naming a baby boy after a beloved character?

Reaching for a classic book when it's time to pick a baby boy name is a great idea for anyone who wants a name that stands out but is still easily recognizable. There are tons of unique, outside the box character names to be found, such as Bastian from The Neverending Story or Asher from The Giver. These names are super special, but thanks to their storylines, they're familiar to all. 

Choosing a baby boy name from a book also lets people get a taste of mom and dad's personality. Go with Jasper and people know mom's a Twilight fangirl. Name him Bronn and dad might make a new GOT buddy at playgroup. 

Each new life is a story that's waiting to be written. These 20 literary baby names for boys make for a great first page. 

  • Sawyer

    baby boy names from books

    Mark Twain fans should consider Sawyer as a possible baby name, inspired by The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. An English name meaning "someone who works with wood for a living," this humble name also brings to mind the character's playful spirit. 

  • Bastian

    baby boy names from books

    The Neverending Story gave us tons of awesome mystical characters, but it's the sweet young bookworm Bastian who we think would make a great namesake for a baby boy. A unique spin on another rarely used name, Sebastian, it's a baby name that stands out in a sea of others. 

  • Calvin

    baby boy names from books

    For a classic name based on a beloved character, look no further than Calvin from A Wrinkle In Time. Meg's math-savvy crush (turned husband in the later books) is smart, kind, and calm in a crisis. For those who like the idea of a nickname, Calvin shortens naturally to Cal.

  • Jasper

    baby boy names from books

    No list of baby boy names from epic books would be complete without the Twilight series. But for those who never could decide between team Edward and team Jacob, why not look to another cold one for name inspo? Jasper is thought to come from the Hebrew word for "treasurer." As a baby name it's a low-key way to share a vampire obsession with the world. 

  • Asher

    baby boy names from books

    As Jonas' best friend in The Giver, Asher is often criticized for expressing his individuality. We'd hope any baby boy blessed with this unique and cool title that's a Hebrew name that means "happy" would inherit the traits of marching to the beat of his own drum. 

  • Holden

    baby boy names from books

    The Catcher in the Rye was the book that made many of us fall in love with literature as teens. What better way to honor the book that made such an impact on our lives than by naming our son after Holden himself. Perhaps he'd grow to love the book just as much. 

  • Lawrence

    baby boy names from books

    Little Women is a inspirational source of baby girl names, but tucked between Jo and Amy is Lawrence, the girls' next door neighbor and Amy's eventual husband. Super fans of the book might love the idea of a little boy nicknamed "Laurie," and Lawrence has a solid sound for a future businessman or professor.  

  • Watson

    baby boy names from books

    Sherlock Holmes' sidekick also makes a great, little-used name for a baby boy. Even if people haven't read the books, they may have come across the shows or films, giving them a frame of reference for the name of this smart and loyal character. Who doesn't love Watson?

  • Minho

    baby boy names from books

    This Korean name comes from the super popular Maze Runner series. A Glader and the Keeper of the Runners, Minho is a natural leader who the other boys look to in a time of serious crisis. It's a special baby name for anyone who's a fan of the books and hopes the baby grows to do great things. 

  • Landon

    baby boy names from books

    Before there was The Notebook there was A Walk to Remember, the book so many of us looked to as the definitive volume on young love. As the bad boy who falls for a girl with terminal cancer, Landon was sweet, loving and kind until the very end -- everything we're looking for in a baby name. 

  • Artemis

    baby boy names from books

    For a mystically tinged baby boy name that's still easy to spell and pronounce, how about Artemis, based on the bestselling Artemis Fowl books? Although he starts as an anti-hero, the genius Artemis grows to work with the fairy people. Pretty cool shoes to fill. 

  • Logan

    baby boy names from books

    Searching for a nostalgic name for a baby boy? The Baby-sitters Club books were a huge part of growing up in the '90s, and Logan was pretty much the perfect boy for us (and for Mary Anne). A popular, classic name, we think he's a great option to name a baby after. 

  • Santiago

    baby boy names from books

    For parents to be who've stayed up late at night discussing The Alchemist and what it means to them, Santiago is an obvious and easy pick for a baby boy name. He travels to fulfill his personal legend, learning valuable life lessons along the way. We can only hope our baby's path in life is as meaningful. 

  • Cedric

    baby boy names from books

    Albus and Remus are great names, but they might be tricky to use in the real world. Potterheads might find Cedric to be a Harry Potter-inspired name for a baby boy that shows off fandom but doesn't make a birth certificate look like a April fools' gag. 

  • Charlie

    baby boy names from books

    For anyone who still has a dog eared collection of Roald Dahl books in the attic, naming a baby boy Charlie, in honor of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ,might feel like the perfect parenting move. Charlie's sweet, smart, and loves his family. Plus what child wouldn't love having a name inspired by a book that's all about candy?

  • Bronn

    baby boy names from books

    There are literally hundreds of splendid baby boy named tucked into the Game of Thrones books, but we're kinda loving Bronn as a name with real-world potential. A sellswoard and Tyrion's personal bodyguard, Bronn has worked hard to make a name for himself in a hard world. We feel that. 

  • Quentin

    baby boy names from books

    Sure, the halls of Hogwarts have a lot of names swirling around inside, but there's another series of magical books that offer a name for a son. Quentin's determination and capacity for love is at the center of The Magicians books, traits we think would suit a special baby boy quite nicely. 

  • Darcy

    baby boy names from books

    Pride and Prejudice is a bountiful source when searching for a name for a baby girl (paging Lydia), but this classic also has some wonderful boys names too. Darcy is a rarely used name that everyone will instantly recognize, and who wouldn't want a son named after the hero of a story?

  • Simon

    baby boy names from books

    Fans of author Rainbow Rowell might get a thrill out of this baby name, which comes from both her Carry On and Fangirl books. In the novels, Simon is a magician fighting supernatural powers, but this sweet and simple name comes from a Hebrew word meaning "listen." 

  • Phineas

    baby boy names from books

    We only see Phineas through Gene's eyes in A Separate Peace, but his kindness and desire for everyone to have fun leaps off the page. We think he'd make an excellent character to name a baby after. The name is different and interesting, and Finny is an adorable nickname. 

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