20 Baby Boy Names Inspired by Epic Movies

Megan Zander | Feb 11, 2019 Pregnancy
20 Baby Boy Names Inspired by Epic Movies
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baby boy names from movies

Choosing a baby name for a future son can feel exciting and overwhelming at the same time. On the one hand, it's so cool to think that this name will be what this person will be known as from preschool until adulthood. On the other hand, choosing a name for a child without knowing his personality first can feel like a bit of a challenge and a lot of pressure. 

There's so much to consider when picking a baby name. What if we fall in love with a name because it's trendy, but realize too late that the name is more popular than we realized or wanted? What if we pick the name David, but they turn out to be more of a Charlemagne?

There's no real way to know until the baby arrives if a name will truly suit him. But thanks to the movies, we get a chance to see what a name in action might look like. Films are a great place to draw inspiration for baby names. Rather than simply seeing a name written in a baby book or on a computer screen, we can compare the name to the movie character and personality traits it's attached to for a better sense of how we feel about it, and if we'd want it for our own child. 

We've gathered 20 uncommon baby boy names from epic films to add to the list of possible contenders for a soon to be arriving bundle of blue. Some of these names, like Quill and Loki, are sure to stand out from the crowd, just like the characters they're based on. Others, like Noah, Kip, and Flynn have less obvious film ties -- just enough for a super fan to make the connection. 

See if one is a perfect fit. Or just have fun trying to match each name it the film it comes from.


    baby boy names from movies

    Sci-fi fans should seriously consider adding the name Quill to their short list. A nod to Peter Quill from Guardians of the Galaxy, it's a baby name that honors mom and dad's nerdom while sounding refined enough for the Ivy League. Plus, Star-Lord is the best nickname ever. 

  • KIP

    baby boy names from movies

    Kip is an English name meaning, "from the pointed hill." Fans of Napoleon Dynamite will recognize it as the name of Napoleon's self-described cool cousin. We might not love his giant gold chain vibe, but as an adorable baby name, we're sold. 

  • OWEN

    baby boy names from movies

    The new Jurassic World movies brought us terrifying new dinosaurs and Owen, the fearless, funny raptor trainer with a name that's perfect for a baby boy. A Welsh name meaning, "young warrior," or "noble," it's a name for a boy destined to be a bold and brave name. 

  • NOAH

    baby boy names from movies

    The name Noah has obvious biblical connections, but movie buffs will also recognize it as the name of one of the star characters in The Notebook. A hard worker and a true romantic, we'd love to see any baby boy live up to this moniker. 


    baby boy names from movies

    Parents who hope their son grows up to enjoy life to the fullest should consider the name Ferris, after the famous Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Of course, no one wants their baby to trash the Ferrari, but seeing our child as a parade grand marshal seems like a blast!


    baby boy names from movies

    For those of us who still ponder the plot of Inception and that spinning top while sitting in the bathtub, Eames is a thoughtful choice for a baby boy name. Pronounced "AYmes" the name is English for "son of the uncle" and is sure to make people stop and think. 


    baby boy names from movies

    For those of us who grew up on the Harry Potter films, naming a baby after a beloved character just makes sense. But since there will likely be a lot of Jameses and Harrys in preschool, why not reach for the name Neville instead? It's a nod to Gryffindor that's less obvious. 

  • NEO

    baby boy names from movies

    The Tswana word for "gift" and the Greek word for "new," the name Neo is a powerful one for a family happy to welcome the new gift of a baby boy. Sci-fi fans will remember Neo as the star of  The Matrix, the man who saw the world for what it was and set humanity free. 


    baby boy names from movies

    If the La La Land soundtrack still holds a top 10 spot on the household playlist, Sebastian just might be the perfect baby name for a soon-to-arrive baby boy. Even if tap dance and saxophone lessons aren't in his future, the name alone has a smooth, jazzy ring to it. 

  • JACK

    baby boy names from movies

    For a movie-inspired baby name that's easy to pronounce and spell, remember Jack Dawson from his ill-fated trip from Titanic. As an artist, Jack proved that talent and love transcend social classes and that a man can be whatever he puts his mind to. We think that's a solid dream for a baby boy. 

  • ZURI

    baby boy names from movies

    A Swahili name that means "beautiful," Zuri was the wise and beloved advisor to King T'Challa in the film Black Panther. As special as it is powerful, we think the name Zuri would be a great title for a cherished baby boy. 


    baby boy names from movies

    Mean Girls fans have to admit that having a baby boy named Aaron would be so fetch (especially if he was born on October 3!) A Hebrew name that means "lofty" or "exalted," fingers crossed any baby named Aaron would also be naturally good at math. 


    baby boy names from movies

    A playful name that's sure to stand out, Pippin was a member of the Fellowship of the Ring in the Lord of the Rings film. Though small, Pippin was brave and fiercely loyal to his friends, both great qualities for any baby boy or grown man to possess. 


    baby boy names from movies

    If a fairy tale romance leads to a tiny prince that's on that way, consider a Disney movie for name inspiration. A tiny Charming might struggle to make friends on the playground. But Flynn, Eugene's nickname from Rapunzel is a fun name with just a hint of royal swagger. 

  • ANDY

    baby boy names from movies
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    It's impossible to think of the Toy Story movies without thinking of the name Andy. As the boy who cherished his toys like friends, he won their hearts and ours. We think this name, which is derived from the Greek name for "manlike" or "brave" would make a wonderful choice for a baby boy. 


    baby boy names from movies

    So many great things came out of the movie Clueless. The bold fashions, the awesome catch-phrases, and this delightful name for a baby boy. As Cher's male bestie, Christian had tons of style and fantastic hair -- what more could a mom wish for? 


    baby boy names from movies

    E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is over 35 years old, but everyone still remembers this blockbuster about a little boy named Elliot who befriended a lost alien. We think the time is ripe for a reboot, but until that happens, at least we can snag this great name for our little one. 

  • GALE

    baby boy names from movies

    If Mom wants a baby name based on a book but dad's lobbying for a name from the movies, going with Gale from The Hunger Games could be the first of many parenting compromises. While the character was all about strength, the name Gale is Middle English for "jovial," proving this to be a well-rounded name. 


    baby boy names from movies

    Team Edward or Team Jacob, we can agree that Carlisle is a pretty cool character name from the Twilight books. People might roll their eyes at naming a baby after a vampire, but Edward's adopted father was handsome, smart, and immortal -- hey, we could do worse when picking a name for our child. 

  • LOKI

    baby boy names from movies

    The Norse trickster God, Loki is easily one of the most entertaining characters in the Avengers films. (Fingers crossed he makes it back for Endgame, but knowing him he's sure to have something up his sleeve-- right?) Pick this name for a child that's sure to keep his parents on his toes. 

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