20 Baby Girl Names Inspired by Books We Love

Megan Zander | Feb 8, 2019 Pregnancy
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  • Bronte


    Pay respect to three amazing authors by bestowing this special name upon a daughter. It's different enough that no one else will have it, but not so uncommon that people will poke fun. Plus, paging Dr. Bronte has a nice ring to it. 

  • Harriet


    Most of us remember Harriet the Spy as a precocious, driven, little girl who loves tomato sandwiches and will stop at nothing to achieve her goal of becoming a writer. Obsession with nightshade aside, these are all good qualities for someone to think of when they look at a child, making it a solid baby name.

  • Celine


    A French name for "Moon,"  we'd hope any baby named after this character from The Color Purple would take on Celine's incredible strength and perseverance. In spite of everything life throws her way, Celine overcomes.

  • Matilda


    The name Matilda is the perfect blend of brainy and fun-loving. As a child, we fell in love with Roald Dahl's story of a genius little girl who outsmarted bullies, and can fall in love with a baby girl by the same name (let's hope she doesn't have the same mind-control skills, though). 

  • Laura


    As kids, we were amazed reading the tales of Laura and her family in the Little House on the Prairie books. These old-school books may have been passed over for newer things on the reading list, but we think this classic name is ready for a comeback.  

  • Kristy


    We were just kids when Kristy had the great idea to start the Baby-Sitter's Club. Wanna hear another great idea? Naming a baby in her honor. Kristy is a special twist on names like Kristen or Christina,   and maybe she'll absorb some of those #bossgirl vibes. 

  • Charlotte


    A true children's classic, Charlotte's Web teaches the all-important lesson of why we should never judge a book -- or an animal-- by its cover. Charlotte's would make a great name for a thoughtful little girl, or a grown woman who's always out to help the underdog. 

  • Ramona


    Thanks to the children's books by Beverly Cleary, we're all familiar with the name Ramona, yet it's not one we come across often in real life. Now's the time to change that. Let this spunky heroine be the inspiration for a perfect baby girl name. 

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