Shameless MIL Hijacked Woman's Pregnancy Announcement & Told Everyone First



Sharing the news that you're pregnant with friends and loved ones should be an exciting moment for expecting parents. But more importantly, it should be the parents' choice on who, how, and when the news gets out. Or at least that's the way it's supposed to be. But apparently not everyone gets that, and one mother-in-law certainly missed the memo that it's not her place to announce that her daughter-in-law is pregnant -- before the happy couple. Now, her son's wife is venting about how her MIL completely stole her moment and the Internet is pissed. 

  • The mom shared that she had been planning to make a "big public announcement" once the time was right, but she was scooped by her MIL.

    As she explained in a post on Reddit, the anonymous mom is only 11 weeks pregnant. The only reason she and her husband even told her MIL early was so that she had advance notice before they told the world. "I was going to do the big public announcement in a couple of weeks and thought she deserved a heads up," she wrote.

    But of course, this soon-to-be grandma couldn't keep her mouth shut. "She told EVERYONE! (Friends and family), I am getting messages from family upset that I didn’t bother telling them directly," she wrote.

    And to be clear, the mom said her husband specifically told his mom that they "weren't announcing yet." 

    "I am fuming -- that wasn’t her information to share and she knows better," she wrote. "My grandmother found out through her. A baby is supposed to be a joyful announcement and she turned it into drama and hurt."

    So, is she wrong for being totally pissed?

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  • Online, people were seriously annoyed with this "chatty" MIL.

  • One person commented that her husband needs to speak up and let his mom know that she's crossed a major line. 

  • And another person agreed: Grandma is no longer allowed in the loop.

  • Others are just shocked that the MIL isn't feeling some serious shame over what she did.

  • Later in the thread, the mom shared that this was a particularly bad betrayal because she was "severly depressed" during her last pregnancy.

    The mom explained that she and her MIL have had a rocky relationship in the past but chose to tell her the big news "because, I, stupid caring daughter-in-law, thought it would be horrible of us to let her find out through Facebook," she wrote. "I thought despite our differences we should be respectful of her. Of course she shows me yet again that she isn’t worthy of my respect or kindness."

  • And in the end, she received some great advice from another commenter that might just be a perfect silver lining.

    Now that the cat's out of the bag, why not go big and have a special gender reveal instead? Of course, this time MIL will not be invited.

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