20 Gemstone-Inspired Baby Names That Truly Shine

Stacy Lenz | Feb 7, 2019 Pregnancy
20 Gemstone-Inspired Baby Names That Truly Shine
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Finding the perfect baby name involves a lot of thought. The goal is to find a name that is timeless; something new and current all the while being classic enough not to sound rooted to a certain time period. (As someone with the name Stacy, I can speak to the weirdness of having a name that instantly conjures up the decade-specific banana clipped mall hair of the '80s.) To strike gold with a perfect category of names that precious, enduring and forever, think gemstone-inspired names. Gem-inspired names are perfect to ensure everyone knows your baby shines bright like diamond (and a great way to pay tribute to Rihanna indirectly).

Naming a baby after a gemstone seems like a no-brainer -- both are precious! Gem-inspired names are at once distinctive but also entrenched in day-to-day language enough to prevent that one aunt who is kind of jerk from saying "wait, how do you spell that?" while making a stink face. Names like Pearl and Ruby have seen some popularity in recent years but never quite reached total saturation like the Sophias and Jacksons did. They also have a cozy old-lady charm while avoiding the harshness of names like Hester or Edith (which, come to think of it, we actually like, too). Grandma names aren't the only names getting attention, there are also Grandpa-inspired gemstone names like Jasper. Gem-inspired names don't even need to fall into a grandparent binary, with great unisex names like Garnet and Mica. There are even some names on this list like Crystal and Amber that have a definite 1980s throwback feel, without feeling my personal plight of being chained to the time period people listened to Rick Astley on purpose (Brittany, Tiffany, I see you). There are so many gem-inspired names it's easy to find one that rocks!



    Amethyst is the birthstone for the month of February and a great baby name for babies born in February or any month! It's also a beautiful purple stone. If Amethyst is too long, Amy is a great nickname.



    Peridot is a pretty name that stems from the bright green stone that is August's birthstone. In Hawaiian culture, peridot stones are believed to be tears of the volcano goddess Pele. Peri would be a great nickname for this name that is a little more traditional.



    Jasper is a quartz stone that is normally reddish brown but can come in a number of colors. It's also a rising name for baby boys. It's ranked #185 on the baby name charts.



    Garnet is a unisex baby name, but it's been recently used more frequently for baby girls. The deep red stone is also January's birthstone. Add an extra "t" on the end and the name is also great for any parents that are also basketball fans.

  • OPAL


    Opals are iridescent white or black stones popular in jewelry. The October birthstone also doubles as a pretty girl's name. Originally popular in the beginning of the 20th century, Opal recently had a comeback with the rise of "Old Lady Names."    

  • RUBY


    Ruby is another former "Old Lady Name" that is experiencing a new surge in popularity. The red stone is the birthstone of the month of July. Though traditionally a girl's name, Ruby is also gaining popularity as a boy's name.


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    Pearl is yet another vintage-inspired name. It's also a birthstone associated with June and November. A literary note, Pearl is the name of Hester Prynne's daughter in The Scarlet Letter.



    Emerald is vibrant green stone that is the birthstone for May. As a girl's name it can be shortened to Em or Emmy. Emerald is also a fun tribute to The Wizard of Oz without naming your child Dorothy.   

  • ONYX


    Onyx is a great name choice inspired by the black gemstone. It works for boys or girls. It's also a great example of the trend of names with Xs. 


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    Topaz is a yellow stone that is the birthstone for November. As a name it can be shortened to Paz, which is Spanish for peace. Topaz is said to have healing and energizing properties.

  • JET

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    Jet is a deep black stone and a unisex baby name. As an added bonus, three letter names are trending for 2019. For those who don't care about the three letter trend, another "t" can be added to Jett paying tribute to legendary rocker Joan.



    Sapphire is a sparkling baby name. The blue stone is the birthstone of September. It is sometimes suggested as a less trendy alternative to Sophie or Sophia.



    Though the name Crystal peaked in 1982, it’s making a comeback. Crystal would also be a great name for anyone feeling a little New Age-y or witchy. For anyone with a Kardashian-inspired love of the letter K, this name can also be spelled Krystal.



    Tanzanite is a blue or violet stone associated with the month of December. It has spawned the cute nickname of Tansy. Tansy is also the name of a flowering plant.



    Amber is another 80s fave that is rising on the baby name charts again. The gemstone amber is a golden color associated with health and healing. It's also associated with the name Ember.



    Bijou is a French name that means “jewel.” It can also be spelled Bijoux. If the name sounds familiar you may be thinking of the actress Bijou Phillips.



    Coral is an ocean-inspired baby name. It was first used during the Victorian craze for jewel-inspired names. It's also rising in popularity thanks to the trend of nature-inspired baby names.



    The name Lazuli comes from the stone lapis lazuli. The deep blue stone has been popular since ancient times, but its status as a baby name feels quite modern. Zu would be a precious nickname.

  • JADE

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    Jade is a green stone often made in to bracelets and other fine jewelry. As a girl’s name it has a Spanish origin. The green stone itself is associated with purification and nourishment.    

  • MICA


    Mica is both a stone and a trendy baby name. Mica is a shiny mineral known for its layers. The name is unisex but some people add an “h” to the end to make the name Micah.    

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