Pushy MIL Refuses to Let Pregnant Mom Find Out Her Baby's Gender & Won't Let Up



Sometimes when your in-laws think they're being helpful, they're actually being completely overbearing and a serious pain. But this attitude crosses the line when their "thoughts" on how things should be turn into demands. Just take it from one pregnant woman who is finding it hard to keep her cool while her mother-in-law continuously nags her and her husband about not finding out the gender of their unborn baby. This is starting to turn into an obsession, and of course, the mom doesn't appreciate her MIL's gender-reveal ban because she should be able to do what whatever the hell she wants. People on the Internet not only agree with mom, but also they feel like she should take things a step further...

  • The mom explained that her MIL has been VERY insistent from the beginning that they don't find out if it's a boy or girl.

    The mom explained in her post online that her mother-in-law has some *ideas* of what she should and shouldn't do during her pregnancy and will not stop pressuring her. "MIL's newest obsession is making sure we do NOT find out the sex of our unborn baby. "Because if we do, we'll 'ruin everything' as 'the first child especially absolutely HAS to be a surprise,'" she wrote. "Basically, she's been berating us every time we speak to her to make sure we don't find out the sex of our baby before it is born."

    If that wasn't frustrating enough, her MIL is also positive that they're having a boy AND told the whole family that the mom was pregnant "despite me quite literally begging her to keep it only between immediate family." 

    But MIL's pushy ways haven't stopped there. " Yesterday she randomly sent me a list of the top 10 baby names from the local newspaper to make sure we don't consider any of them," she added.

    She tried "gently" standing up to her before and instead of listening, her MIL just blamed it all on her "female pregnancy hormones." What can the soon-to-be mom do to get her MIL to back off? 

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  • Other women of the internet were in agreement: This woman should absolutely mess with her MIL.

    It's time to get evil.

  • If she wants to know nothing, then tell her nothing, some users suggested.

  • And another person agrees. Give this grandma as little information as she wants and let EVERYTHING be a precious surprise! 

  • Others reminded her that she's this baby's mom and can do whatever the hell she wants.

    "Who the hell has the right to stop you?" they commented. 

  • In the end, the mom updated her post to report a major spoiler: She and her husband found out the sex anyway and they're having a girl!

    The couple didn't let her MIL boss them around and did what felt right for their family. But unfortunately for grandma, "guess who doesn't get to know this information?!"

    "The hilarious thing about all of this is that she continually insists that [they are] a "boy genes" family but it's really not," the mom wrote later in the thread. "Wait until she figures out we know the sex of the baby at 14 weeks because of (gasp!) GENETIC TESTING. Science, yo. That sh*t works."

    The mom also added that she's been considering her options and she's decided to take the high road.

  • LOL. JK, she wants revenge.

    She wrote that she's thought about it and has imagined telling her MIL that "since you told everyone about our pregnancy after we asked you not to, we told everyone about the sex of the baby before you could!" Fair is fair, after all. 

    Well played, mom. Well played.