20 Women Who Put Their Baby Bump Shelf to Good Use

Megan Zander | Jan 7, 2019 Pregnancy
20 Women Who Put Their Baby Bump Shelf to Good Use

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Many pregnant women love documenting their growing bump week after week. In the first and second trimester, it's exciting to see a tummy grow, to try on maternity clothes, and watch as people around who don't know the happy news start to give every loose sweater a close and questioning look. But at some point, there's just no hiding a baby bump, and struggling with everyday tasks, like getting dressed or climbing out of bed, leaves a pregnant mama to be feeling like that belly bump is constantly in the way. 

Still, as much as having a big baby bump can make a woman feel more like a bumbling Winnie the Pooh than an ethereal Mother Earth goddess, being big-time pregnant does have its advantages. 

Turns out that growing baby bump makes a perfect shelf for small (and depending on the size of the bump, not so small) and light objects. Having a traveling and self-portable shelf of one's own can come in handy, especially when it comes to having a place close on hand to keep snacks or needing a convenient place to stash the remote while watching TV. It's the perfect place to rest that morning cup of tea (decaf, naturally) or even organize yarn for a knitting project. 

These adorable baby bump shelf photos (or bump shelfies, for the 'grammers in the crowd), show us how expectant moms start working on those multitasking skills long before baby's even arrived. They're a great example of finding the fun in pregnancy, and make a wonderful keepsake to look back on and think, "Was my belly really that big?"

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