Mom 'Books' Apartment Building's Shared Rooftop for a Home Birth & Her Neighbors Are Furious


When you're living in a apartment complex or tight space, it's appreciated when you're considerate of your neighbors. And one way to do that is with open communication. For what one woman wants to do, however, a simple note in the elevator doesn't seem to be enough. According to one Internet user, someone in her building tried to do the right thing by letting everyone know that she had "booked" the rooftop for personal use: for her home birth. 

Trying to be thoughtful, she posted a note with to alert her neighbors of the times when she would need the rooftop to deliver her baby. Yet naturally, her neighbors freaked out.

  • The drama started when one woman saw her neighbor's note about the scheduled home birth and was absolutely furious.

    According to The Daily Mail, the woman was confused when she saw the note and posted a picture of the message online to ask her online friends and family if she was "overreacting" for being upset.

    "Like most city apartments we have a communal rooftop barbecue area," the woman wrote. "You can't 'book' it as such but most people will leave notes in the lift and let the building manager know if they are using the space for a party."

    However, she found the birth a of child in this communal space to be completely crossing every line possible. "I think this is ridiculous," she wrote.

    She later added that she wrote a note to her building manager and asked if it was even legal for the couple to have a home birth in the public space. The bylaws of the apartment thus far state that communal areas can be used as long as they "do not impede on the peace and recreational use of other residents." But surely, this would be testing that policy a little too much, right?

    "I'm about five seconds from flipping a desk and writing an angry email to our building manager," she added.

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  • She asked the Internet if she's overreacting and it seemed like people agree: This situation is bizarre. 

  • "Have a home birth in your home. Not on the roof of a shared building," wrote one person.

  • And another person found it hilarious that the parents thought that baby would come between "1:00 p.m. till late."

  • A third person felt like maybe birth was a little too personal for a communal space.

    "Good to see that you're still crowning. Anyway, now I'm off to work. Good luck with that!"

  • Although, there was one person stuck up for the parents-to-be. 

    Unfortunately it seems like the building didn't agree. Since the story has gone viral, the note has been removed from the elevator. But people from the building are still unsure if the whole thing was a prank or if they'll really be expecting a new resident come Saturday.

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