20 Moms Share Sweet Stories of How They Named Their Babies

moms with their babies

It's not a secret that many of today's parents are choosing to steer away from tradition when it comes to naming their babies. But does that mean the newest generation have little to no meaning behind their names? Absolutely not. In fact, millennial parents seem to be taking an especially thoughtful approach to the baby-naming process. 

Whether their chosen baby names are based on their favorite title from classic literature, nature, family, their geographical roots, or history, young parents are leaning on a variety of colorful, meaningful sources of inspiration for baby names.


And although this generation of parents has a rep for leaning toward eyebrow-raising, quirkier choices, the vintage baby name trend is alive and well. Consider options like Alden. At the same time, they're choosing names that may be anything but traditional and/or sport unusual spellings but pay tribute to a loved one or have their roots in a classic book from the 20th century. 

No matter where a baby name falls on the uniqueness scale, there's nothing like telling a heartwarming story about where the choice came from. After all, that "origin story" is what ultimately will makes a name feel so special. 

Parents shared the cute, inspiring, and personal connections behind their name choices with Baby Name Wizard and CafeMom. Here are 20 sweet name stories that are guaranteed to trigger awws galore. 

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