30 Cool Middle Names For Boys

Kathleen Wong | May 18, 2020 Pregnancy
30 Cool Middle Names For Boys
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What's in a middle name? It's obviously how important the first name choice is. After all, these are what a child will be called by all the time, by everyone. But sometimes it's choosing the perfect middle name can be trickier. What's going to be the perfect middle name to complete the identity of a son? Parents don't want to just settle on a name simply because they spent all their energy on choosing the best first name, right? The middle name, although less public than the first, is going to be held dearly by a child and those who know him best. 

The middle name is a chance to be more daring with a child's name, especially if paired with a  more traditional name. Many parents want to go in the totally opposite direction of what their first name connotes, such as a traditional middle name for a modern first name, Parents suggests. Some parents may find it hard to choose just one middle name option and decide to take the British approach and do a double middle name. That totally works, too, though all parents should make sure they consider the initials and any words they might inadvertently spell out (the name Simon is great, unless the baby is going to be named Andrew and has a last name of Smith). Click on for 30 great middle name options!

  • GRANT 

    Middle Names For Boys baby boy

    The name Grant has English roots and derives from the word "graund," which means "grand." Grant is a popular name that signifies one who is capable of big, grand achievements. Perfect to tuck into a little one's name, right? 


    Middle Names For Boys baby boy

    From the Bible, Addison means "son of Adam." It's an elegant-sounding name that'll dress up any boy's first name. While this name has been increasingly popular as a girls' name, it really is a unisex option that pairs well with any first name that doesn't have the -son ending. 


    Middle Names For Boys baby boy

    Who didn't like Aiden from Sex and the City? With his big heart, he was true to the meaning of his name, which is "fiery." It's a wonderful complementary name to add to almost any other boys' name. This name is popular as a first name, so parents who don't want something too common as a first name may love this as a middle name. 

  • DAMON 

    Middle Names For Boys baby boy

    Fans of actor Matt Damon may like this as a middle name choice. This Greek name means "to be gentle," so it's a great choice for someone wanting to instill a calm demeanor into their son's name. We love how effortlessly this name bridges a first and last moniker.

  • NOEL 

    Middle Names For Boys baby boy

    Noel is the kind of middle name that we expect to see from a blossoming musician, and we ain't mad about that. This name has French origins and means "Christmas" so it might be a good choice for a December baby!


    Middle Names For Boys baby boy

    Tristan, which can also be spelled Tristen, has unisex vibes and Celtic origins. The name means "noise" or "sorrowful" which gives it a wistful energy. This is a great middle name choice for a shorter first name option. 


    Middle Names For Boys baby boy
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    For the baby boy who is going to have a playful and optimistic attitude, may we suggest the middle name Reilly? This name can also be spelled Riley, which is slightly more common, and has also become a gender neutral option. 

  • MILES 

    Middle Names For Boys baby boy

    A variation of the Germanic name Milo, Miles is thought to mean "gracious," based off of the Slavic word "milu." It's a short but sweet middle name for an equally sweet baby boy. Miles has seen some increase in popularity since Chrissy Teigan chose it for her son. 

  • CADE 

    Middle Names For Boys baby boy

    For baby boys with a long first name, Cade is a great one-syllable middle name choice. This might be an apt choice for a nice and chunky baby as the English origin of the name means "round" or "barrel." 


    Middle Names For Boys baby boy

    Some parents like to have a balance of names that sound like kid names (think Gus or Billy) with middle names that sound more grown-up. Even non-fans of Henry David Thoreau's Walden, will appreciate Walden as a sophisticated middle name.


    Middle Names For Boys baby boy

    Jackson is a classically boyish name. It's ideal for anyone who wants to give their son's name an all-American country vibe. The name has gained more popularity with the more modern spelling of Jaxon as well. 


    Middle Names For Boys baby boy

    Here is another good choice for parents trying balance a short first first name with a longer middle name option. Kingston is an English name that brings sophistication and class to any baby boy's name.

  • AVERY 

    Middle Names For Boys baby boy

    This unisex French name means "ruler of the elves" is a little more offbeat, and deserves to be given to a baby boy with curiosity. It pairs well with a first name choice that starts with a consonant and is also a good option for a double middle name.  


    Middle Names For Boys baby boy

    Meaning "brave," Emerson is a strong and smart middle name. It connotes the gentle but intelligent spirit of Ralph Waldo Emerson, poet and essayist. This name is also starting to go more unisex, so using it as  middle name may be a good option for parents who love it but don't want to run the risk of it becoming more exclusively a girls' name. 


    Middle Names For Boys baby boy

    Of Hebrew origin, Jeremy means "may Jehovah exalt." It's long been a popular first name option, though it has been declining in the last decade. Jeremy is not a unisex name at this point so parents wanting a strongly masculine choice may want to consider it. 


    baby boy Middle Names For Boys

    Cameron is a Scottish name that originally meant "crooked nose," which may not be the best meaning, but it is still a popular choice! Cameron works well with short first names and pairs well with a lot of last names. 


    baby boy Middle Names For Boys

    This English-originating name stands for "little dark eyes." We think it's a wonderful middle name choice for a baby boy with gorgeous dark eyes -- or light eyes, too! It is also common last name and could be especially meaningful if it happens to be a mother's maiden name as well. 

  • OWEN

    baby boy Middle Names For Boys

    This Welsh name has been rising in popularity since the early aughts. Meaning "young warrior," we totally understand why. This pairs well with longer first names and as a second choice in a double middle name.

  • BLAKE 

    baby boy Middle Names For Boys

    Short and bold, the name Blake refers to one who has dark hair or a dark complexion, but we think it suits any strong young man. We love how it can be perfectly complimentary to a ton of first names, too. 


    baby boy Middle Names For Boys

    This Latin name will nicely complement a short first name, adding flair to the complete name. Lawrence is also a more sophisticated name, so it adds some gravitas to a more casual first name choice. 


    Middle Names For Boys

    Michael is a classic and highly popular boys' name. For some parents, including those who might want to use it as an honor name, it might be too popular. The middle name spot is a great place to be able to use it! 


    Middle Names For Boys

    Let's be real -- we know there are some dads out there who are dying to be able to give their kid a chance to say "Danger is my middle name." This name has actually been growing in popularity lately for this reason. 


    Middle Names For Boys

    This Hebrew name meaning "gift" is a great middle name choice for parents who want to have some biblical naming elements that also sound like a classic American option. Jesse pairs well with first names of any length. 

  • DAVID 

    Middle Names For Boys

    Classic, solid, and perfect to pair with almost any first name -- hello David! David is another name with Hebrew roots, meaning "beloved," and is still one of the most popular names beginning with the letter D. 


    Middle Names For Boys

    Christian is a great option to pair with a short first name, especially for parents who want to reflect their Christian faith. The name doesn't always have religious connotations, though it does come from the Latin for "follower of Christ." 


    Middle Names For Boys

    We love the name Seamus (pronounced "Shay-muss") but some parents may shy away from it as a first name choice because it can be difficult to pronounce for people who haven't seen it before. That makes it a perfect middle name choice! 

  • JAMES 

    Middle Names For Boys

    The name James is a classic and one of the most popular middle name options for boys in the US. James is a biblical name with Hebrew origins that means "supplanter." It has recently started trending in a unisex direction. 


    Middle Names For Boys

    Augustine or Augustus is a great middle name choice! This name sounds distinguished and elegant. And we literally mean the name is a great choice; it's English roots have meanings including "great" or "magnificent." 

  • OMAR 

    Middle Names For Boys

    Parents who've chosen a longer first name might like the snappiness of the four letter middle name. Omar is a popular name in Arabic-speaking areas, but it enjoys international popularity. It means "long-lived" or "he who speaks." 


    Middle Names For Boys

    Anthony is a great middle name option that pairs well with first names that start with a consonant. This name has both English and Greek roots and means "priceless," which is perfect for much wanted baby boy!

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