20 Winter Themed Pregnancy Announcements That Go Beyond the Holidays

Sierra M. Allia | Oct 30, 2018 Pregnancy
20 Winter Themed Pregnancy Announcements That Go Beyond the Holidays

Black and white maternity photo, featuring big sister
HK Photography

In winter, all I want to do is sit at home and cuddle under a huge blanket. Something about the cold and darkness makes me so tired and sluggish. It's as if I need to go into hibernation until spring like the bears. As a pregnant woman, I felt this feeling 10 times more than normal. My baby was conceived in October, and the entire winter of 2016 is literally a blur for me. In retrospect, though, I wish I'd celebrated the experience more. There are very few pictures of me pregnant in my collection, which sucks because my daughter is one of the greatest things that's happened to me. How nice it would have been to have taken a photo shoot or two of my baby bump as it grew. 

Many expecting couples also like to use photo shoots to announce their pregnancy in creative ways. It's such a special experience, why not go all out? Instead of sending a text message saying "Guess what?" to all our friends, how much cooler is it to use a  photo shoot (or cards featuring select pictures) sharing the news with loved ones? Even though winter is a lazy time of year, it also offers great fodder for special pregnancy photo shoots and announcements. Take advantage of the season's frosty, ethereal, yet festive personality. 

Spouses, parents, and friends can also inspire the mom-to-be in their life to come up with a special pregnancy announcement by showing them some inspiration. Maybe looking at how other couples and moms braved the elements and seeing how worthwhile it was might make her change her mind. I've done all the work, by pulling together a bunch of fun, winter-inspired pregnancy announcements and maternity shoots. Grab a coat, and let's dive in!

  • Sonogram Cameo


    What a creative way to let the world know that a baby's on the way. Candace found a cool way to incorporate a picture of baby inside mommy's belly into a picture of what baby looks like from the outside! 

  • Baby Shoes


    Baby shoes (and feet) are my favorite things in the entire world. So small and adorable, it's amazing to see how quickly they grow. Monika Hibbs brought this heart-warming idea to life in this photo shoot.

  • Celebrate!


    Let everyone know just how excited the family is for the new addition with a bit of confetti. Nothing says "party over here!" like little bits of colorful paper flying everywhere. HK Photography shows us how it's done in this photo shoot set in a snowy, wooded area.

  • Take a Milk Bath


    Marie-Louise of Just a Mamma decided to bring the winter flavor indoors with this photo shoot done in a milk bath. Surrounded with wintery evergreen branches, the mom-to-be was able to stay warm while giving us cool vibes.

  • Go Outside


    Chelsey Shaw found a way to make this couple the center of attention, even amidst such a vivid backdrop. Winter brings us some of the most breathtaking scenery; capturing some of that in a photo shoot will make a pregnancy announcement extra special.

  • Have Fun in the Snow


    It's clear that Shawna Lynn is elated in her pregnancy announcement. A feature I especially enjoy of pregnancy reveals is when they're subtle. The sign reading "Baby It's Cold Outside" takes a few minutes to notice, giving a nice surprise after staring at the picture for a minute.

  • En Vogue


    Channel that inner model with a creative photographer like Gina's Portraits. This mom-to-be looks nothing short of divine as she embraces baby in snow.

  • Stay Indoors


    As we saw with the milk bath, its not a must that we go outside to bring winter into our pregnancy announcement. Tina showcases her bump while laying cozily by the fireplace. 

  • Winter Picnic


    If we must be in the cold, taking photos, how much better will it be with some milk and cookies on hand? Myranda Lee took subtle to another level with this cozy little picnic setup. The mom's pregnancy is revealed oh-so-quietly to those who are paying extra keen attention.

  • Let the Snowman Speak


    Lindsay Sledge found a clever way to reveal baby's coming by making three little snowmen. Even though mama isn't in this picture, it makes me smile. What's cuter than a family of tiny little snowmen?

  • Fade Into the Background


    A round of applause for the creativity of Folkedge Photography's on this pregnancy announcement. Instead of letting the baby bump do most of the talking, the couple announces their due date first. After seeing the date, one can't miss that baby is about to pop out any minute.

  • Take a Trip to the Mountains


    The mom-to-be in this photo shoot actually took a helicopter to this beautiful spot, thanks to photographer Erin Wallis. This photo is one of my favorites, as the mom's peace and serenity explode out of the picture when she takes a moment to breathe in the fresh mountain air and ponder life.

  • It's a Family Affair


    Get the whole family involved in announcing baby's arrival, as Amy Aiello did in this maternity session featuring a precious sister-to-be and mom and dad. A chalkboard in foreground gives us all the details. 

  • Read to Baby


    They say that reading to unborn babies can have a positive effect on them, even though they're inside and surrounded by amniotic fluid. Share a precious one-on-one moment between mom and baby, as Myranda did in this announcement, with all your loved ones. There won't be a doubt as to why baby is so smart.

  • Become One with Nature


    Mint Photo added a bit of extra spice with this fading effect that makes the mom-to-be almost blend into the trees. This eerily beautiful pregnancy announcement photo no doubt embodies the personality of the mom, who is dressed in all black.

  • Baby Laundry, Coming Soon


    After seeing this pregnancy announcement, well-meaning friends should volunteer to help fold the myriads of tiny little baby clothes that will soon need washing. This pregnancy announcement, shot by Lindsay O' Connell, lets the focus remain on baby because mom's bump is well-hidden in this shot.

  • Bring a Wreath Along


    Monika Hibbs brings an artistic element to her shoot by carrying an evergreen wreath in the snow in her photo shoot. It's clear that she's pregnant, so she didn't add to many distracting elements but instead created an announcement that's understated and worthy to be framed.

  • Starring Big Sister!


    When a new baby is on the way, older siblings often have a hard time adjusting to the shift in attention. Show big sister or brother that they're still the center of Mommy and Daddy's world by letting them announce baby's arrival, as featured in this shot by HK Photography.

  • Baby, It's Cold Outside


    This pregnancy announcement by Mary is a delightful way to let everyone who doesn't know all the details about baby whenever we decide to reveal. This layout answers all the questions people might ask up front: "Yes, I'm pregnant" and "I'm 18 weeks right now." For the mom, the tiny little winter accessories remind her what the weather was like when she was expecting.

  • Make Some S'mores!


    Outside of making me want s'mores, this pregnancy announcement by Raft Media warms my heart. A baby s'mores in between two mommy and daddy s'mores? The happy couple kissing in the snowy background? Family and friends will smile from ear to ear after receiving this notice.

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