20 Perfect Plus-Size Maternity Dresses for a Baby Shower

Sierra M. Allia | Oct 30, 2018 Pregnancy
20 Perfect Plus-Size Maternity Dresses for a Baby Shower
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A couple's baby shower is one of the most special events that a mom will attend in her lifetime. The day that her family, friends, and acquaintances come together to celebrate the new life that will soon be entering the world. An event that usually ends in hauling loads of boxes making up the "shower"/ of gifts that baby will need. It's a beautiful day. 

Although on this day we're the guests of honor, that can sometimes be nerve-wracking. Being the center of attention and smiling for tons of pictures can feel like a lot of pressure. We have to make sure we've got the perfect look, from our hair to our toes. Especially important is something comfortable. Showers are usually thrown toward the end of the pregnancy, so wearing something to tight or uncomfortable is just not an option. 

Thank goodness for the boom of online vendors that makes shopping for events so much easier for plus-size women. Women now have a ton of brands, and even a few targeted stores, that cater specifically to pregnant moms and their growing tummies. Sure we could look for dresses among the normal sizes and just buy them bigger, but even when doing that, it's only a certain type of dress that will fit us and the baby inside us. 

As a plus-sized woman, finding a fabulous dress in the maternity section can even more challenging. It's best to start early on the search, and to spread the net wide (across a bunch of stores and sites), and then sift through for the perfect one. We've taken the time to make an initial survey of the web's maternity dress options (which were sort of slim, I won't lie), and I've also included some plus-size dresses that aren't targeted at moms-to-be, but have a lot of give, an empire waist, or a forgiving cut. Let's jump in!

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