40 Baby Shower Ideas For the Modern Mama

Kelly Bryant | Oct 17, 2018 Pregnancy
40 Baby Shower Ideas For the Modern Mama

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With so many options, there's plenty of choice on how to plan, throw, and design a baby shower. Decorations come in many style to suit all types of personalities, which means the sky is really the limit when it comes to the party that will help a mom-to-be welcome her upcoming baby girl or boy. With that being said, it can sometimes be difficult to narrow down a theme or motif for the woman of the hour. After all, there's rarely just one thing that defines someone's personality or lifestyle, which can leave those throwing the shower feeling the pressure as to what kind of decor and games to include on the big day. Fortunately we have Pinterest to help us scout out the latest trends and designs.

For the modern mama, a party that boasts a minimalist approach is always appreciated. This isn't to say that there shouldn't be any decor or a single balloon, we're talking more in terms of clean lines, contemporary color pairings, and fresh takes on traditional baby shower trimmings.

Shower hostesses can also take a cue from the mother-to-be's baby registry. What is she registered for? What's the style of her desired baby furniture or accessories? Use these clues as a guide to create a party that almost takes that registry right off the page and into the shower venue. If the mama's list of wants is more along the lines of rustic or shabby chic items, that gives hostesses something to go on. But if the requested gifts include the most modern baby swing, crib, and stroller on the market, then it's clear curating contemporary decor is the best option.

Check out these 40 stunning modern baby shower ideas to get the wheels spinning.