This Couple's Over-the-Top Hot Air Balloon Gender Reveal Is Amazing

hot air balloon gender reveal
The Jurgys/YouTube

When YouTubers and adventures Nellie and Bryce Jurgy found out they were expecting a baby, they knew they had to do something fun and unusual for their gender reveal. The couple travels the country in their motorhome and documents a new adventure every week for their nearly 200,000 YouTube subscribers. So needless to say, this gender reveal was going to be anything but boring. 


It only makes sense that they would choose to do something as over-the-top as a hot air balloon gender reveal! In the video above, Nellie and Bryce are gathered outside with their family and friends, asking everyone what sex they think the baby will be. Then, the couple takes off in a hot air balloon, awaiting a bouquet of balloons in either pink or blue to float up to them. Their loved ones below open up a large container that releases the balloons into the sky for an epic gender reveal. Check out the video to see if it was a boy or girl! 

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