Great Gifts for Moms Expecting Their 2nd (or 5th!) Baby

Megan Zander | Oct 15, 2018 Pregnancy
Great Gifts for Moms Expecting Their 2nd (or 5th!) Baby

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Whether it's a mom's firstborn or this a new baby will be joining a slew of excited siblings, every pregnancy and birth is an exciting time that's worth celebrating with a special gift. But it can be hard to know what to bring to a sprinkle for a veteran mom who's already got a house full of tried and trusted baby gear and plenty of hand me downs waiting to be called into duty again. 

Of course, diapers, wipes, and hand sanitizers gifts are always useful and appreciated. But there are tons of other practical gifts for second-time parents out there as well, ones that won't make the mom-to-be think about all the stinky diapers that will soon be coming her way. 

A thoughtful gift for a second (or third) time mama doesn't have to be limited to something for the baby. Adding a new person to the family impacts everyone. When thinking of a great gift to bring to a sprinkle, it's helpful to think beyond the adorable newborn that's on the way and consider gifts that will benefit both parents and the older siblings. 

Offering to babysit older kids for an afternoon, dropping off dinner (without expecting to be entertained in return) or helping out with keeping the house clean are amazing options. So is bringing older children quiet toys like stickers, activity books, or dolls (basically anything without batteries that doesn't require parent supervision).

But sometimes we want that moment of watching someone we care fore open a carefully selected and wrapped gift, and that feeling of knowing we nailed it. Here are 20 gifts any second-time mom would be thrilled to receive. 

  • A Diaper Bag That Doesn't Scream 'Mom'


    This stylish bag is cute enough for a night out with the girls, but it's actually a cleverly designed diaper bag. It's big enough to hold diapers, wipes and the essentials for a busy mom on the go. 

    Classic Crossbody ($110, Freshly Picked)

  • A Keepsake Necklace


    Who says all sprinkle gifts have to be for the baby? This gorgeous necklace featuring the names of each of the mama's babies will welcome the new arrival and let mom keep all her little ones close to her heart. 

    Custom Name Necklace ($31 and up, AnnMariaJewelry/Etsy)

  • Milestone Cards


    With more than one child to take care of, mom might not have time to fill out a baby book. But these genius milestone cards make it easy to take photos that will let everyone look back on special days during baby's first year.

    Milestone Cards ($24 and up, Amazon)

  • White Noise Machine


    A white noise machine makes a great gift for families expecting a new addition. The soothing sounds will mask noise older siblings make playing during baby's nap time. This adorable owl also pulls double duty as a nightlight and projector. 

    Moonlight & Melodies Owl Nightlight Soother ($40, Target)

  • Hands-Free Pumping Bustier


    Breastfeeding moms with more than one kid know that trying to find time to pump can be almost impossible. This hands-free bustier makes it easy to pump and pay attention to the toddler at the same time. Plus it's stretchy, meaning it will be comfy from right after delivery -- when it feels like no bra can contain the mountains of milk -- until the day the pump is retired. 

    Easy Expression Bustier ($40, Medela)

  • Sibling Outfits


    Mom may have plenty of hand-me-down onesies for everyday use, but an adorable matching outfit for all of her kids is sure to be a huge hit. Time for a photo session!

    Chips and Salsa Siblings Shirts ($28 and up, ChaseandFox/Etsy)

  • Cute, Toxin-Free Diapers


    Diapers are a super practical gift for a second-time mom, but that doesn't mean they can't be cute, too. Skip the elaborate diaper cake that will take her forever to take apart and have Earth- and baby-friendly diapers in cute patterns delivered to her door instead. 

    Diaper Subscription ($55 for one month of diaper and wipes, ABBY&FINN )

  • Stroller Standing Board


    Instead of something for the baby, how about something that's super helpful for an older sibling? A gliding board that snaps on to the family's existing stroller lets older siblings rest their legs without having to make room for a huge double stroller.

    Stroller Standing Board ($80, Amazon)

  • Target Beauty Box


    A newborn baby means even less time for mom to shop for herself. Make sure she still feel her best with a box filled with pampering beauty treats and samples.

    Target Beauty Eye Box ($7, Target)

  • Insulated Bottle Bag


    Keeping up with the family's busy schedules likely means feeding baby while on the run. This insulated bag keeps diapers and food pouches upright, cold, and looks way more stylish than using an older sibling's Paw Patrol lunch box. 

    Insulated Travel Case ($39, Kipling)

  • Owlet Smart Monitor


    With our firstborn, we'd sit there for hours while LO slept just to make sure the kiddo was still breathing. Just because we have more than one baby doesn't mean we worry about them any less. A smart monitor that keeps mom updated on baby's breathing and oxygen levels while she's off tending to the other kids is a great gift to go in on with a group of friends or family.

    Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor ($300, Amazon)

  • Diaper Caddy


    A changing table might pull the nursery decor together, but with multiple kids in the house, chances are the baby's dirty diaper will get dealt with whenever and wherever. A cute diaper caddy helps keep everything organized and on hand for changes all over the house. 

    Diaper Caddy ($20, Target)

  • Gift Card for Dinner


    If bringing over a freshly cooked meal to welcome the newest addition to the family isn't possible, a gift card that treats them to dinner is the next best thing. Any night that mom and dad don't have to think about what's for dinner is a good one.

    Gift Card ($2 and up, Panera Bread)

  • Personalized Baby Clothes


    Hand-me-downs are awesome, but every baby deserves a few outfits that belong to him or her alone. An adorable personalized coming home outfit is a treat mom will cherish.

    Personalized Coming Home Outfit ($17, WillowBeeApparel/Etsy)

  • Baby Carrier


    A hands-free carrier is a fantastic gift for busy moms welcoming another baby. Mama can still get those amazing infant snuggles while still playing with older kids, running errands, or getting things done around the house. 

    Infantino 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier ($30, Amazon)

  • Feeding Supplies


    Even if a mom has a house full of kids, some supplies need to be refreshed with each new addition to the squad. Fresh bottle nipples, nipple guards, or these breast milk storage bags with inspirational messages are helpful gifts any mom will appreciate. 

    Breast Milk Storage Bags ($6 for 25, Amazon)

  • SNOO Smart Bassinet


    A splurge of a gift for the favorite sister or for a group to go in on, this smart bassinet rocks like a real womb and claims it can help babies self-soothe. If the baby starts to fuss, it responds to the cries with increased motion and sound, cutting down on the number of times mom and dad have to get out of bed during the night. 

    SNOO Smart Bassinet ($1,160, Happiest Baby)

  • Fun Car Keys

    It might seem like a gift for baby, but mom's who've been there know nothing calms babies while waiting in line like the car keys. Give LO his or her own set, so there's one less thing to find when it's time to leave the house.

    FunKeys Toy ($12, Amazon)
  • Custom Hospital Gown


    All those pictures alone are reason enough to gift a mom to be with a pretty hospital gown to wear while she goes into labor. But for older kids coming to visit a new sibling, seeing mom in the hospital might be a scary and confusing experience. A pretty gown may help reassure them that she's safe and she (and baby!) are coming home soon. 

    Custom Hospital Gown ($35 and up, ChicMomBoutique/Etsy)

  • The Big Sibling Book


    One part sibling gift and one part sweet memory book, this journal helps prepare older siblings for the new arrival and lets them keep track of baby's first year milestones from their own perspective. 

    The Big Sibling Book ($17, Barnes & Noble)

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