9 Parents Reveal the Shocking Places They Found Baby Names


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Every mom knows that finding the perfect baby name can feel like an impossible task. We all wish the right name would simply come to us at the right time. That’s why we love hearing about when a name has done just that. Thousands of parents have shared their experiences in the Baby Name Wizard Namipedia. We've collected nine stories of unexpected inspiration (edited for clarity only). Perhaps they'll have you looking in some unusual places for your baby’s name!



    "We named our little sweet pea after the little yellow airplane -- Piper Cub. Her entire family is full of pilots and everyone loves the name."

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    "My son's name is Elvis Priestley. We named him Elvis because my last name is Priestley and would often get confused with Presley. To this day, I get asked if I'm Elvis' granddaughter. My coworker said that it would be awesome If we named him after the king, so we did. Some people love it and some people hate it; hopefully he sees the humor in his name when he grows up."



    "I named my daughter Malia after struggling with what to name her. One day her daddy & I came across the name in one of our favorite restaurants (Panera). Our receipt had the name as our server and we just fell in love! It's a beautiful name. We love it and we love our girl!"



    "My ex-husband chose the name Canyon for our baby boy 18 years ago. He had to have that name for a son, upon admiring a young professional beach volleyball athlete named Canyon back in the early '90s. My attachment to the name came from something far more grand -- the Grand Canyon in Arizona. I have so many fun memories from that breathtaking 'wonder of the world'."



    "We chose the name simply by perusing a road atlas while on a road trip before his birth. We figured if Dallas, Austin, Madison, Cheyenne, London, etc. were used then Seattle was a cool name."


    disney castle

    "My husband and I were at Disney World with our 6-year-old son and I saw a beautiful little girl with this name on her '1st time at Disney' name tag. I absolutely fell in love with the name, and unbeknownst to us I was 6 weeks pregnant at the time with our little girl."



    "We named our son Camden after Camden Yards where the [Baltimore] Orioles play. He's bright, funny and charming."


    Wyatt Earp

    "I named my son Morgan, after Wyatt Earp. My eldest son is named Whyatt (a variant) and Morgan was Wyatt Earp's youngest brother, hence Whyatt and Morgan."


    "My son's name is Draven. 'The Crow' has been my favorite movie of all time. I love dark, mysterious things so the name is perfect."

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