20 Nature-Inspired Baby Names for Earthy Moms

Kayla Boyd | Sep 28, 2018 Pregnancy
20 Nature-Inspired Baby Names for Earthy Moms
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For mom-to-be's who have a love of nature and are particularly passionate about the environment, they should look to the great outdoors for some name inspiration. Many baby names for both boys and girls are inspired by things in nature. Think of plants and stones that represent each birth month, as these can serve as a clever way to come up with a baby name. Species of flowers, trees, and other plants also make surprisingly cute names. Many of these natural names are also gender-neutral, so no matter what the expectant mom is having, she may be able to find something she loves in this list.  

Many elegant names come from flowers, such as Rose, Blossom, and Daisy. Tree-inspired names include Oak and Willow. Some moms even think outside of the box and go with something unusual, like Canyon, Alder, or Indigo. Whether an earthy mom wants something feminine, strong, simple, or super creative, nature is a great place for name inspiration. Many of these names have likely been heard before, but some are much more rare. When thinking about nature in general, many of us think about beauty and tranquility -- so it makes sense that people would gather name ideas from the outdoors. Nature-inspired names may also be a good fit for parents who love animals, enjoy gardening, or are interested in astrology. It all ties back to nature. Here are 20 nature-inspired name ideas that "tree-hugging" parents will love! 


    willow baby name

    This feminine name comes from the familiar tree. "Willow trees are noted for their flexibility and graceful appearance, hence the adjective willowy, which means 'gracefully slender and lithe,'" according to Baby Name Wizard


    canyon baby name

    A canyon, like the Grand Canyon, is a deep gorge, typically one with a river flowing through it. It's a bold and wonderful name for a boy and it is quite uncommon.


    daisy baby name

    A daisy flower is often noted for its round yellow center, resembling the sun. Daisy is a pretty name for a baby girl and it has been popular since the 1800s. 

  • WREN

    wren baby name

    A wren is a small songbird. It also makes a charming name for a little boy. 

  • NOVA 

    nova baby name

    A nova is a star that has increased in brightness and then slowly returned to its original state. Nova is a beautiful name that peaked in popularity in 2012. 


    aurora baby name

    Many people have heard the name Aurora from the Disney princess movie, Sleeping Beauty. Aurora means "dawn" in Latin and the name peaked in popularity in 2012. 


    Phoenix baby name

    Phoenix has been used for both genders. It is often associated with fire because it is derived from a Greek word meaning "bright red." It is also the name of a mythological bird that bursts into flames at the end of its life and then is reborn from its own ashes. 

  • OPAL 

    opal baby name

    An opal is gemstone of varying colors. It is the birthstone for the month of October, so this would be a beautiful name for a baby girl born in that month. 

  • JADE

    jade baby name

    Jade has also been used for both genders. The name comes from the semiprecious gemstone, jade, which typically has a pretty green color.

  • SAGE

    sage baby name

    Sage can be used for a boy or a girl. "Derived from the vocabulary word sage, which denotes a type of plant regarded by many to have special healing and cleansing properties," according to Baby Name Wizard. In 2005, it peaked in popularity as a girl's name. 

  • ROSE

    rose baby name

    The name Rose was popular in the 1900s. A rose is one of the most well-known flowers, and classic red roses symbolize love and passion. 


    blossom baby name

    Blossom is a fun and feminine name. It was a popular name in the 1920s. It is also popularly known as the name of the leader of The Powerpuff Girls. 

  • OAK

    oak baby name
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    Oak, like an oak tree, is a strong name for a boy and great for a nature-loving mom. The name is a pretty unusual choice. 

  • STORM 

    storm baby name

    Storm is another name that works for a boy or a girl. Kylie Jenner broke the Internet in early 2018 with the announcement of her new baby girl, Stormi. 

  • ASH

    ash baby name

    Ash is the black, powdery residue left after something burns. The name is often short for Ashton, but is a pretty cool name on its own, too. 



    Indigo is another name that can be used for both genders. The name comes from indigofera which is a large genus of over 750 species of flowering plants. The flowers of some species are used to make a blue dye that's traditionally used to color denim.

  • REED

    reed baby name

    A reed is a tall, slender plant that grows in water or marshy land. It is a sweet and short name for for a baby boy. 


    Alder baby name

    An alder is a common tree from the birch family. The name is distinctive and a great choice for a mom who wants a nature-inspired name for her son. 


    aspen baby name

    According to Baby Name Wizard, "Taken from the name of the aspen tree, which is derived from the Old English æspe. The name is indicative of any of the kinds of poplar trees that have leaves which flutter in the slightest breeze." Aspen is also the name of a town in Colorado. Aspen is a cute name for a boy or a girl, but it is currently more common for girls. 

  • CLAY

    clay baby name

    Clay is a finely grained natural rock or soil material. The name Clay is also short for Clayton. 

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