21 Gender Reveal Photos That Prove Becoming a Parent Is Pretty Hysterical

Genny Glassman | Sep 26, 2018 Pregnancy
21 Gender Reveal Photos That Prove Becoming a Parent Is Pretty Hysterical

Gender Reveals

A gender reveal party is an extra-special time in a couple's life. Mom and dad can plan the perfect reveal party, invite friends, family, and, of course, what kind of party would this be if there wasn't cake? But sometimes the big plan for a reveal goes absolutely wrong or maybe mom and dad had an idea that turned out to be freakin' hysterical. Either way, not every gender reveal has to be picture perfect to be completely memorable. Sometimes the best gender reveals are the ones that make us pee our pants laughing or bring a smile to our faces when we see them on Facebook. 

We tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves to have picture perfect moments during pregnancies. But any mom who's really been pregnant can share that pregnancy is nowhere near perfect IRL. Which is why sometimes the best thing to do when momma's feet are swelling, she has heartburn up to her ears, and her nesting mode has kicked in to high gear, is to let go and have a sense of humor when it comes time for the gender reveal. And hey, even the best-laid plans can go awry in surprisingly funny and sweet ways that mom and dad never anticipated.

We've found some of the funniest and most hysterical baby gender reveals that prove that sometimes funny is the way to go. So take our advice and and have some fun with the little guy or girl that's about to make that big debut. It only happens once!