Dad Shares Heartbreaking Update After His Fertility Blogger Wife Dies During Emergency C-Section

Vanessa Fernandez Arango

There are no words to describe how cruel death can be. And no one has had to learn this crushing lesson better than Jonathan Garcia, whose wife Vanessa Fernandez Arango died during an emergency C-section while giving birth to their son. Vanessa had been a popular Instagram influencer in Spain, where she shared with her thousands of followers her IVF journey and her eventual pregnancy. At first, Jonathan was going to close the Instagram account after his wife's death, but now he has decided to continue to share updates on their son in her honor. "I follow [Vanessa] with the doubt of what to do and the pain of loss," he wrote.

  • Vanessa's Instagram fame started with a picture of her positive pregnancy test.

    In the post published on May 8, 2018, the mom from Bilbao, Spain, explained that after two ectopic pregnancies, which caused her damage to her Fallopian tubes, she was thrilled to have finally gotten pregnant through assisted reproduction.

    "5 months already seeing that image and it's like yesterday. [This is] the beginning of the end. The principle of feeling life, and the end of suffering. So here begins our story, our story with a happy ending," she wrote.

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  • But things took a turn for the worse when at 38 weeks, Vanessa fainted at the breakfast table.

    According to a post published on September 2, Jonathan wrote that his wife had been in pain when she passed out while the family was having breakfast. Vanessa was then taken to the hospital in an ambulance, where doctors decided to perform an emergency C-section to save her baby's life. But while the surgery would prove to be lifesaving for her son, Vanessa wouldn't be so lucky. 

  • The 30-year-old had a heart attack while in surgery and the trauma of the attack caused her to quietly pass.

    According to, after his wife's death Jonathan had thought that it was time to close her account and end this chapter of their lives. But in the end, decided against it. Instead, he has been steadily giving updates on their son, Alvaro, who Jonathan explained is becoming stronger every day.

    "Alvaro is recovering little by little. Many thanks to all with all my heart, I had not imagined that a farewell message in honor of my wife would have caused such an avalanche of support, you have helped me as much as I hope she helped you," he said in a post on September. 

    "I want you to know that I will continue on this dream of helping more couples on the hard road of being parents and I will be there for everything you need," he added.

  • Now Jonathan is taking up the cause that his wife championed, and penned a heartbreaking update on life without Alvaro's mother.

    "Here you have our first family photo," Jonathan wrote on September 15. "The fourth member of the family that watches from the sky and helps us get up at 3 is missing."

    "This is very hard, diapers, milk powder, lullabies, crying....," he added and then thanked Vanessa's followers who had been so supportive during this trying time. 

    And the dad ended his post with a hopeful message, "We will continue fighting to get ahead as we can, with your support, friends and family, nothing can stop us."

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