20 Powerful Pregnancy Announcements for Celebrating a Rainbow Baby

Kayla Boyd | Sep 14, 2018 Pregnancy
20 Powerful Pregnancy Announcements for Celebrating a Rainbow Baby


A rainbow baby is a baby born after a miscarriage, stillborn, or an infant death. They have that name because they are the "rainbow after the storm." The thought of losing a child is unbearable, yet many families are faced with that harsh reality. And after losing one baby and becoming pregnant with another, there is sure to be a confusing and overwhelming mixture of emotions. But, at the end of the day, everything happens how it is meant to be and the love and excitement for the new baby can help the heart heal. Although it stems from tragedy, the term rainbow baby is a positive and emotional way to express the happiness that comes from a new son or daughter. 

Because becoming pregnant with a rainbow baby is such a momentous occasion, many families like to include it in their maternity shoots, baby cake smashes, and pregnancy announcements. When creating a rainbow baby pregnancy announcement, there are so many cute ways to incorporate a rainbow. Even celebrities, like Teen Mom's Catelynn Baltierra, have announced pregnancies with little rainbow accents to honor both the baby they lost and their new little love. People have done everything from use sidewalk chalk to letter boards to onesies to umbrellas in their rainbow baby announcements. Some people use colorful flowers or balloons as well. Incorporating a powerful quote or verse can also help relay the impact of a rainbow baby. Here are 20 creative and sentimental pregnancy announcement ideas that are perfect for celebrating a rainbow baby. 

  • Letter Board Rainbow Baby Announcement 


    These parents wrote out "After every storm comes a rainbow," on a letter board and laid it on a rainbow rug with a onesie and the ultrasound photo. It all looks so cute together. 

  • Bible Verse Rainbow Baby Announcement 


    This family used a Bible verse on a white board to share the news of their new little one. Simple and powerful. 

  • 'Hand-Picked' Rainbow Baby Announcement 


    This family used a printout with rainbow font that says, "Hand-picked for earth by my brother in heaven." It's so precious. 

  • Glitter Frame Rainbow Baby Announcement 


    This mama put the sonogram in a pregnancy frame that has a glittery rainbow on it. This frame is something special that can always be on display in the home. 

  • Floral Rainbow Baby Announcement 


    Using colorful flowers is another good idea for a rainbow baby announcement. This mama used different flowers with a onesie that says, "Made with lots of love and a little bit of science." 

  • Umbrella Rainbow Baby Announcement 


    This couple did a beach maternity shoot to announce their little gift. The touch of the rainbow umbrella was clever. 

  • Nursery Decor Rainbow Baby Announcement 


    This adorable wall hanging makes a cute announcement and nursery piece. It's a fun way to share the baby's name, too. 

  • Chalk Rainbow Baby Announcement 


    This couple used sidewalk chalk for their rainbow baby announcement. They incorporated the due date, baby shoes, and sonograms. 

  • Big Sister Rainbow Baby Announcement 


    This big sister looks so excited! She is wearing a T-shirt with rainbow letters and holding a calendar to show the due date. 

  • Balloons Rainbow Baby Announcement 


    These parents are representing their rainbow baby with a balloon bouquet. Because the balloons are the only thing in color, they really make a statement. 

  • Baby Shoes Rainbow Baby Announcement 


    This sentimental announcement used a pair of shoes for the new baby and a pair of shoes from the baby they lost with a big rainbow in the background. The chalkboard reads, "After every storm comes a rainbow of hope." 

  • Calendar Rainbow Baby Announcement 


    This rainbow baby announcement used a calendar with the due date marked in a rainbow heart. The parents also added a sweet touch of colorful baby sneakers and a rainbow nightlight. 

  • Smoke Rainbow Baby Announcement 


    The rainbow smoke is a really captivating idea for a maternity shoot. And the colorful trees make it look even more magical. 

  • Belly Art Rainbow Baby Announcement 


    This mama had a little rainbow painted on her belly. They are also holding a onesie that says "Worth the wait." So perfect. 

  • Lake Rainbow Baby Announcement 


    This heartfelt announcement shows the couple's son with one balloon, two more balloons for the babies they lost, and then a bouquet of rainbow balloons for their new little one. 

  • Tulips Rainbow Baby Announcement 


    This announcement used vividly colored tulips with the baby's sonogram in the middle. It looks stunning. 

  • Pregnancy Test Rainbow Baby Announcement 


    These parents used the mom's pregnancy test with a little card next to it that reads, "After every storm there is a rainbow." 

  • Family Portrait Rainbow Baby Announcement 


    This super cute family took a picture together while holding up a rainbow baby onesie. It turned out candid and adorable. 

  • Artsy Rainbow Baby Announcement 


    This artistic announcement looks like it was made right on the computer. It features the sonogram in the middle with a rainbow and a quote surrounding it. This would also look great framed in the house. 

  • Onesie & Toy Rainbow Baby Announcement 


    This announcement combines a letter board, a rainbow toy, a sonogram, and a onesie that reads "Rainbow baby." It's perfect. 

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