Help! I'm Freaked Out About Labor & Delivery

labor and delivery

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Giving birth is a miraculous thing -- but the thought of it can be downright frightening to some mamas, too. I'll admit I was pretty nervous about the idea of pushing out (or by any other means delivering) another human being.

First-time mom jacudra shared in Answers that she was scared about labor and delivery. Here's what moms said to offer encouragement.


"It honestly wasn't that bad -- you'll be fine!"

"No need to freak out -- it's going to happen either way, and you can get medication for the pain if you need it. Do some reading about it -- that will relieve some stress."

"Consider taking a birth class -- it will give you the facts about labor and help you know what to expect. Women have babies every day -- try not to worry!"

"Everyone experiences labor and delivery differently. What's painful for one person might not be for another. Just communicate with your doctors and tell them when it hurts. And once that baby is in your arms, you won't care about what you just went through."

"Get educated. Tour the hospital or wherever you will be giving birth, take a parenting class if you feel nervous about caring for a newborn. The scariest thing is the unknown. No one can really prepare you for what it feels like because it's different for everyone, but knowing what's going on with your body at each stage of labor can help you deal with the fear."

"Get the DRUGS!!!"

"Remember that our bodies are designed to give birth. If you're having a normal, healthy pregnancy, you will do just fine."

"It will hurt, but the pain has a beginning and an end."

"Once your due date approaches, you'll feel less afraid. That baby has to come out somehow, and you're going to want him/her out when the time comes."

"It's an experience unlike any other -- but not just in a painful, scary way. There is nothing that will compare to giving birth to your child, especially your first."

What good advice have you been given about labor and delivery?

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