40 Baby Shower Ideas for Disney Lovers

Kayla Boyd | Aug 17, 2018 Pregnancy
40 Baby Shower Ideas for Disney Lovers

disney baby shower ideas

When planning a baby shower, it is nice to have a theme to help decide what kind of treats and decorations will be needed. Themed baby showers are also a fun way to show guests creativity, take cute pictures, and make memories. And what better theme could their be than a Disney-inspired baby shower! Disney is full of so many princesses, talking animals, and other magical things that there are an overwhelming number of options whether one is expecting a baby girl, a baby boy, or even if they want a gender-neutral shower. From the classic characters like Mickey and Minnie to recent hits like Moana, every Disney film or show has potential to make a great baby shower. 

From castle diaper cakes, to Alice in Wonderland tea parties, to gorgeous pink rose arrangements for a Minnie Mouse's garden theme, some people get extremely creative. Decorated cakes and sugar cookies are a great way to drive home the theme of a baby shower, whether it be a princess party, an oceanic Nemo party, or a magical trip to Neverland. Other than the treats, photo booths, balloon arrangements, and centerpieces are all ways to incorporate a good Disney theme. 

The mom-to-be could even wear mouse ears and channel the true Disney World experience. Some decorations, like banners and cake toppers, can make great keepsakes as well. Disney is all about happiness and imagination, so no matter what direction a mama decides to go in, character or movie-wise, it's pretty hard to go wrong. 

Here are 40 desserts, diaper cakes, table decorations, backdrops, and centerpieces that can make a baby shower feel like the happiest place on earth! 

  • Castle Diaper Cake 


    This castle cake is so pretty! It's meant to resemble the iconic castle at Disney World, except this one is made out of diapers, of course. Very creative! 

  • 'Oh Baby' Blue Mouse Ears


    These "oh baby" mouse ears are a cute thing that the mom-to-be can wear around the shower. These ones are perfect if mom is expecting a little boy. 

  • Minnie Mouse Diaper Cakes 


    These Minnie Mouse diaper cakes make great centerpieces for the tables. The purple polka dots, bows, and gems give them a playful and girly aesthetic.

  • 'Up' Wall Quote


    The wall banner behind these ladies says: "Adventure is out there." That quote is from the movie Up and the little balloons surrounding it are perfect. 

  • Mickey Mouse Cupcakes 


    These Mickey Mouse cupcakes are so cute and easy to make. All it takes is sticking some Oreos and white circles on red frosted cupcakes, and voilà!

  • 'Beauty and the Beast' Cake Table


    This Beauty and the Beast cake has yellow details that reflect the color of Belle's dress and roses that represent the magical rose in the story. Then, there are little toys and trinkets added to the table to really drive home the theme. It's so cute! 

  • Mickey Mouse Flower Arrangment 


    This blue and red Mickey flower arrangement is cute and a simple way to show off the theme on a blank wall. We also like how they put a little bookshelf under it and had guests bring books for the new baby. 

  •  'Alice in Wonderland' Dessert Table 


    This Alice in Wonderland table is incredible! There is so much detail and design -- it really looks like a fairy tale tea party. The desserts, backdrop, flowers, and teapots all flow together so well. 

  • 'Peter Pan' Treats


    These Peter Pan treats look adorable and yummy! The cake has a simple topper that features Peter and Wendy and the sugar cookies are decorated as stars, maps, and other things related to the story. 

  • 'Winnie-the-Pooh' Centerpiece 


    This baby boy's name is going to be Vinnie, so his parents played off of "Winnie"-the-Pooh for their decor. The cute centerpiece features a "Hunny" jar and mini sunflowers. This is a cute idea for a summer Disney shower. 

  • Bambi Cake 


    This Bambi cake is stunning! From the cake stand to the topper, all of the details are clean and spot-on. We especially love the woodsy incorporation of the tree trunk.

  • 'Finding Nemo' Cake 


    This Finding Nemo baby shower cake is colorful and fun. All of the details really reflect the Disney Pixar film and it's perfect for a baby boy. 

  • 'Baby on Board' Pink Mouse Ears 


    These pink mouse ears are for a mom who is expecting a little princess. One ear says "Baby On Board" and the combination of pink and rose gold is so pretty. 

  • 'Princess and the Frog' Food Spread


    This Princess and the Frog setup is perfect! Everything is subtle, except for the picture of Tiana in background. Of course, no NOLA baby shower would be complete without beignets and a pot of gumbo! 

  • 'Peter Pan' Diaper Cake


    This Peter Pan diaper cake is so creative. It looks like Hook's ship and it has baby bibs as sails! This is a really cool idea for a Disney baby shower for a boy. 

  • 'Winnie-the-Pooh' Cake 


    This Winnie-the-Pooh cake is cute! The quote on it reads: "Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." So perfect for welcoming a new baby! 

  • Vintage Disney Banner


    These vintage Disney movie posters are so cool! They have been turned into a wall or table banner by Nancy Sisson of TheVintageLime. This is a great decoration for a Disney-themed shower and it could be hung in the baby's room afterwards. 

  • Mickey Mouse Table Setting 


    This Mickey table setting plays on the bold reds and yellows of Mickey's outfit. They also personalized it by adding the baby's name to the mouse ears hat. 

  • 'Little Mermaid' Decor


    This Little Mermaid setup is gorgeous! The backdrops are so pretty and the treasure chest centerpieces look straight out of a story book. 

  • Mickey Mouse Cake 


    This Disney baby shower cake took a cute and soft Mickey Mouse design approach. The base is baby blue with white clouds and it says "baby" in the classic Disney script. It also features the famous mouse ears on top, but they're playfully outlined in sprinkles. 

  • Tinker Bell Dessert Table 


    This Tinker Bell table setup looks like it came straight from Neverland. The purple butterflies and other garden details are perfect for welcoming a little fairy into the world. 

  • 'Monsters, Inc.' Cake 


    For a Monsters, Inc.-themed baby shower, this Mike Wazowski cake is too cute. The tiers of blue with purple polka dots are reminiscent of Sulley's fur and all of the green accents really drive home the theme. 

  • Vintage Disney Cookies 


    These vintage-style Disney cookies are a throwback to the original Mickey Mouse cartoons. The classic style is cute and makes a great addition to a baby boy's Disney baby shower. 

  • 'Sleeping Beauty' Dessert Table 


    This pretty and pink dessert table is inspired by Sleeping Beauty. The crown cookies, pink chocolate strawberries, and glittery initials on the table all tie in together so well. 

  • 'Snow White' Centerpiece 


    This Snow White centerpiece is so creative. The little mirrors have the famous "mirror, mirror" quote on them, the little red apples are a really clever detail, and the accents of yellow look really good with the red. 

  • 'Toy Story' Decor


    This Toy Story backdrop is over-the-top in the best way! All of the toy shelves and the wallpaper look just like Andy's room. This is a great place to put gifts, take pictures, and really show guests some creativity. 

  • Dumbo Cookies 


    These Dumbo cookies are amazing! Dumbo can be a really great Disney addition to a circus-themed baby shower. And if the mom-to-be is expecting a girl, then the rattle cookies could be pink instead. 

  • Mad Hatter Diaper Cake 


    If someone's baby shower is Alice in Wonderland themed, then of course they need a Mad Hatter diaper cake! This one uses cute little blankets and bibs to make the theme more clear. 

  • 'Aladdin' Cookies 


    These cookies are just what any Aladdin or Princess Jasmine baby shower needs. The designs are subtle, but still totally on theme and the colors are so pretty together. 

  • 'Peter Pan' Cake Pops


    These Peter Pan cake pops look adorable and delicious. These would be a great treat at a Neverland baby shower.  

  • Minnie Mouse Floral Centerpiece 


    The theme of this baby shower was "Minnie Mouse's garden" so this pink floral center piece was beyond perfect! It's elegant while still having the Disney spirit. 

  • Disney Princess Dessert Table 


    This princess dessert table is perfect for celebrating a new little girl. There is pink tulle, crowns, and a bunch of yummy desserts! And when looking closely, there are little Minnie heads and bows on the pink cake. 

  • Disney Character Cupcakes


    These character cupcakes are colorful and such a fun treat. There is a great variety shown here of all of the classic Mickey and friends characters so guests can grab their favorite Disney character! 

  • Minnie Mouse Bottle Cookies 


    These Minnie sugar cookies are shaped like baby bottles, but still decorated with little pink hearts and Minnie heads. They're so cute and well done. 

  • Mickey Mouse Milk Bottles 


    This Mickey milk bottle is simple, but fun. All this involves is little Mickey cutouts being glued onto glass bottles, with a white and red straw stuck in it. Milk can also go well with cake and other desserts so guests may really enjoy it. 

  • 'Beauty and the Beast' Banner 


    How cute is this "Be Our Guest" table banner!? It ties together so perfectly with the rest of the Beauty and the Beast treats and decorations on this cake table. 

  • Vintage Disneyland Dessert Table 


    This Disneyland-inspired dessert table is gorgeous. Almost everything is shaped like Mickey, but is still has a sophisticated and fanciful feel to it. It looks so perfectly organized. 

  • 'Lion King' Centerpieces 


    These Lion King centerpieces use green flower pots, green festive paper shreds, and little cutouts of the characters. It's a simple idea that turned out really cute. 

  • 'Moana' Diaper Cake 


    This Moana-themed diaper cake is adorable! It features Moana's cute little pig, Pua, and some tropical flowers. You can tell that the cake table is channeling Hawaii and the animated Disney film. 

  • Mickey Mouse Wreath 


    This creative Mickey Mouse wreath was made by blogger Vanessa of See Vanessa Craft. The bright colors, bottles, and bibs make this a great accent to a Mickey-themed shower for a baby boy. 


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