20 Powerful Baby Names For Strong Girls

Ashley Austrew | Aug 14, 2018 Pregnancy

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Choosing the perfect name for a new baby is no easy task. There are so many important factors to consider for a decision that will last for life. Parents want a charming baby name that is distinctive enough to not be shared by everyone in their child's future kindergarten class. But at the same time, they also want something that's easily recognizable, classic, beautiful, and that has an inspiring meaning. These days especially, parents want their little girls to have names that are bold and have powerful meanings or associations with well-known female icons. The future is female, after all, and that's why powerful baby names are on the rise. We want to raise our girls to be strong, independent, and confident, so why not start from birth with a name that honors these qualities?

Expectant parents have many places to seek inspiration for strong baby girl names. Parents can look to classic female superheroes, book and movie characters, and powerful political figures. Greek, Norse, and Roman mythology also have a number of strong female goddesses. And, of course, it's impossible to forget about the many great female athletes who inspire us on the daily and are the true definition of powerful.

Whether it's a baby name that literally means "strength," or a baby name that's linked to an easily recognizable powerhouse female figure in popular culture, the 20 baby names on this list are the perfect blend of flowery and bold, classic and contemporary, old fashioned and eclectic. And many of them are names parents haven't heard or have maybe forgotten about. Click through for 20 perfect and powerful baby girl names that define strength.

  • Diana


    Diana, meaning "divine," isn't just Wonder Woman's true identity. It's also a stunning choice for parents who want a classic name that packs a powerful punch.

  • Michelle


    Michelle has a sweet sound, but make no mistake: This name packs a punch. Meaning "who is like God," babies who rock this moniker will share a name with powerhouses like former first lady Michelle Obama, actress Michelle Williams, and former figure skater Michelle Kwan.

  • Amelia


    Game-changing female pilot Amelia Earhart helped popularize this timeless name, which means hardworking and industrious.

  • Matilda


    Matilda may sound like a flowery old-school name, but it actually means "powerful in battle" or "mighty battle maiden." Look out, world!

  • Barbara


    Give a nod to Bat Girl Barbara Gordon with this old-school name that's surprisingly uncommon in the 2010s.

  • Kamala


    This powerful Indian name means "lotus" and is shared by rockstar American senator Kamala Harris. Talk about good name vibes.

  • Valerie


    This trendy pick sounds a lot like "valor," which makes sense since the name Valerie actually means brave. It's a feminine name with a strong meaning that brings to mind actresses Valerie Burton and Valerie Harper.

  • Serena


    Does it get any stronger than tennis pro Serena Williams? This name means clear, calm, and exalted, which sounds like a winner to us.

  • Ruth


    Ruth, as in Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, means companion and has a sturdy, punchy sound that commands attention.

  • Audrey


    Audrey, meaning noble strength, is a stunning name pick for parents who want their girl to embody the same style, grace, confidence, and kindness of Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn.

  • Phoenix


    Much like the mythical bird of the same name, Phoenix is rising in popularity, and it's not hard to see why. Strong yet gorgeous, this name truly has it all.

  • Brienne


    Game of Thrones fans will recognize this one from Brienne of Tarth. Everyone else will love this name because it literally means strength.

  • Gertrude


    This old-fashioned name has a strong sound and serious hipster cred. It also lends itself to the nickname Trudy, which means universal strength.

  • Alexa


    Alexa may be the name of a certain Amazon product, but it also means defender of mankind. Does it get more powerful? We didn't think so.

  • Billie


    Go for a chic, modern vibe that still has a powerful meaning. Billie is the feminine form of William, which means resolute protector. Bring it on, world!

  • Leona


    Singer Leona Lewis helped re-popularize this uncommon moniker that means lioness. Perfect for a little lady who beautiful and strong.

  • Keren


    Not to be confused with Karen, this alternative spelling actually has roots in Hebrew and means strength and power.

  • Nina

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    Channel the power and presence of singer Nina Simone with this diminutive form of Antonia, which means full of grace and strength.

  • Coco


    Short for Colette, this name means victory and is shared by powerhouse female style icon Coco Chanel.

  • Luana


    No one else will have this stylish and distinctive baby name. It may look dainty, but it means graceful battle maiden in German.

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