20 Powerful Baby Names For Strong Girls

Ashley Austrew | Aug 14, 2018 Pregnancy

girl flexing her muscles
Steve Debenport/iStock.com

Choosing the perfect name for a new baby is no easy task. There are so many important factors to consider for a decision that will last for life. Parents want a charming baby name that is distinctive enough to not be shared by everyone in their child's future kindergarten class. But at the same time, they also want something that's easily recognizable, classic, beautiful, and that has an inspiring meaning. These days especially, parents want their little girls to have names that are bold and have powerful meanings or associations with well-known female icons. The future is female, after all, and that's why powerful baby names are on the rise. We want to raise our girls to be strong, independent, and confident, so why not start from birth with a name that honors these qualities?

Expectant parents have many places to seek inspiration for strong baby girl names. Parents can look to classic female superheroes, book and movie characters, and powerful political figures. Greek, Norse, and Roman mythology also have a number of strong female goddesses. And, of course, it's impossible to forget about the many great female athletes who inspire us on the daily and are the true definition of powerful.

Whether it's a baby name that literally means "strength," or a baby name that's linked to an easily recognizable powerhouse female figure in popular culture, the 20 baby names on this list are the perfect blend of flowery and bold, classic and contemporary, old fashioned and eclectic. And many of them are names parents haven't heard or have maybe forgotten about. Click through for 20 perfect and powerful baby girl names that define strength.