28 Baby Names That Parents Will Likely Regret in a Few Years

Maressa Brown | Nov 16, 2018 Pregnancy
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In the middle of nine months of tests, ultrasounds, possibly a baby shower, nesting, and a bevy of other to-dos that come with the territory of welcoming a little one, finding the perfect baby name is important. But what may seam like a simple decision can be particularly challenging for many parents-to-be. Moms and dads want to pin down the name that will suit their child, honor a family member or dearly departed loved one, be traditional and classic, or, on the flipside, stand out in a crowd of frequently used, popular names. No matter which, there's nothing easy about this task.

When musician Frank Zappa named his daughter Moon Unit in the late '60s, the unusual choice was considered eyebrow-raising. When Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin opted to name their eldest daughter Apple in the early '00s, the chatter around the fruit-inspired name was critical and intense. Even Beyonce and Jay-Z got a bit of flak for naming their firstborn Blue Ivy in 2012.

But fast-forward to 2018, and so many unusual, out-there, trendy baby names have made their way into the social consciousness that it's not just celebrities who are on the hunt for an out-there choice for their newborns. 

Nonetheless, landing on a name that's extremely popular right now -- perhaps as the result of a beloved TV show character or a celebrity baby naming trend -- is a decision that many parents may one day cringe about.

Here, we list 28 baby names moms and dads may end up regretting in a decade -- if not sooner.



    Spelled Abcde (yes, like the first five letters of the alphabet) and reportedly pronounced "Ab-si-dee," this baby name is creative, for sure. And apparently, there are at least 328 people who go by it. But will it be worth the spelling and pronunciation headaches down the road?   

  • BABY


    On the latest season of Jane the Virgin, Rogelio and his ex, Darci, named their baby ... Baby. The straightforward, unisex choice might be right for some parents, but what about when that baby is actually a toddler, a big kid, a teen? And let's not get started on the Dirty Dancing references!



    This one came up in a Reddit thread in 2015. According to the woman given the name, her mother liked Hazel but her dad was a biker and loved Hell's Angels, so they came up with ... Hellzel. OK then.



    This girl's name -- which is actually an anagram, "Heaven" spelled backwards -- has been around since 2001, according to Baby Name Wizard. It may be unusual, but Navaeh may also cause a lot of confusion for a kiddo as she grows up. 



    Whether drawing inspiration from the geographical territory or Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's child, sharing the name North with the mini Hollywood royal may not be the easiest path for a child. 



    Sure, it sounds badass, but naming a boy or girl Danger could be an issue if a child associates the name with trouble for the rest of his or her life.



    The Game of Thrones character's regal title continues to be a popular choice for fans. It remains to be seen if it's the kind of name that will stand the test of time. 



    Another GoT fave for boys is actually a German name that means to bear or carry. But given its link to the show, it may not exactly be perennial. 



    Although it seems like a fairly benign, pretty girl's name -- an abbreviated version of Alexandra -- the name of the digital personal assistant built into Amazon's Echo is Alexa. Little ones with this moniker may end up facing a good deal of confusion when her name is shouted out by anyone using the smart home system. 



    In 2012, a little girl was named after the social media term. But because Internet fads come and go, it's not hard to imagine that opting for something so very of-the-moment -- not to mention technical -- will be one day seen as a major misstep.



    Parents in Russia made headlines for choosing this devilish name, but apparently, they're not the only ones, because Lucifer has its own entry on Baby Name Wizard. The controversial nature of the name begs the question: Will it be eternally alluring? 

  • SIRI 


    Sure, artificial intelligence is on the rise, but sharing a name with Apple's personal assistant, Siri, may not be the most fun for a kiddo as she grows up.



    Given how a certain politician will be written about in the history books, reactions to the name Donald may not be the most forgiving in years to come. 



    The classic, pretty girl's name isn't a bizarre choice by any means, but given how utterly fascinated the entire world is with Meghan Markle, no doubt there will be many little ones with the name in kindergarten classes five or six years from now. That said, parents who choose Meghan may want to come up with a nickname to more swiftly identify their kiddo!



    Congrats are in order for Cardi B and her husband Offset on the birth of their first child, a baby girl they named Kulture. Unique? Sure, but given the backlash, it's a name other moms and dads may want to steer clear of!



    Weed culture and legal cannabis are on the rise, but naming a child Marijuana after the plant may still prove problematic in years to come!



    The name may call to mind a meteorological event, but in 2018, Kylie Jenner named her baby girl Stormi. And that was of course around the same time Stormy Daniels, an adult film star whose birth name is Stephanie Clifford, made headlines for her lawsuit against President Donald Trump. Let's be honest: Neither of those pop culture events will likely be what parents want to call to mind with their baby's name now or years from now...



    Many, many people name their little girls "Miracle" -- and sometimes it is a truly fitting moniker. But Ahmiracle is not a legitimate name hailing from anywhere. Plus it basically sounds like a poor pun. 



    Listen, absolutely no one is knocking this delicious wine, and the name itself sounds elegant. But when baby gets older, it's one of those names that people (especially employers) could potentially see as off-putting or make negative associations with. 



    Though the person who actually named his child Facebook had good intentions (he did it as a way to honor the role social media played in the #Jan25 Egyptian revolution), it might not have been the best choice for a first name. 



    Someone actually named their child  "😍 😍 😍 " which if that isn't showing up on the screen, is three of the "heart eyes" emojis strung together. Naming LO an emoji (or worse, after one) will undoubtedly have lasting effects. 



    For parents who have a love for the US, we suggest shooting for the full name America, rather than the joking nickname of our beloved country. 



    We all have weird names we call out bubs. But " Little Sweetmeat," a name actually given to a human according to a Reddit thread, sounds a lot more like one of those funny nicknames than it does a real name. 



    Actress Shannyn Sossamon named her little one Audio Science, which sounds more like a college course than it does a person's name. 



    For parents in love with space, there are about a dozen other names to pay homage to astronomy and all things adjacent to it. Rocket, what Avatar's Sam Worthington named his child, might be something one might appreciated being called later in life. 



    A gun name that is rising in popularity, Trigger also has other implications in the era of gun control issues, as well as being linked to millenials "soft" sensibilities. 



    A name that sounds like a variation of the plant "freesias," is one that might come off a little odd on future resumes. 



    The name Beberly could be take one of two ways: a misspelling of "Beverly" or an extremely dedicated Justin Bieber fan.  

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