25 of the Least Popular Baby Names in 2018

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Baby name trends come and baby name trends go, which is why what was cool in 1958 is ... not so cool in 2018. Names like Carol, Gerald, and Donna used to be the cream of the crop, but now they seem a little passé. We know that moms want their kids to have names that sound fresh and cool, which is why when Netmums rounded up its list of least popular baby names in 2018, well, we knew this was news that we just had to share. Some of the names will not be surprising (sorry, Gareth), but some will names on the list were a total surprise. (Like how did Paul make it on the list?)


At the height of their popularity, these baby names were the coolest names around. Gail? Norman? Susan? Those were absolute winners through the '40s, '50s, and '60s. But in recent years these names have fallen out of fashion. Now they just seem a little bit old and stodgy. Imagine sending a little Ronald into preschool in 2018? Which is why these names have not only slid into obscurity, but they mark a real difference between millennial moms and their own parents. Think about it, most Garys that we know are in their 60s! With the help from our friends at Baby Name Wizard, we took a deeper look at these classic cool names that have since been kicked to the curb. Keep this list in mind when it comes time to pick out the perfect little name for baby!

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