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  • After hours of labor, Audrey finally gave birth to her son. 

    "I was so relieved to have him out at this point because I was getting extremely tired," she recalls.  "Supported, I stood up to have our midwife catch him, and then sat back down there and held our sweet BIG baby boy who'd made his mama work so hard. He was 2 1/2 lbs bigger than his sister."

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  • "It was a bit of a scene," Audrey says. "There was blood everywhere."

    Audrey recalls that the aftermath of baby James' birth was messy and chaotic. "It was a bit of a scene," Audrey says, "as I tend to bleed a lot during birth, and while doing the cord blood and tissue collection (for banking), my placenta delivered in quite a show, with blood absolutely everywhere, walls, floor, our midwife."

    "The amount of blood surprised me and I think everyone else, but all was well and we went home a short four hours after having him."

  • "Baby James is such a sweet and happy little guy. He is the perfect addition to complete our family." 

    In the end, Audrey says that having her miraculous birth on film is what made the experience so special. "Having our photographer there who captured this time meant everything to me. 
    The gorgeous photos and a video of all that we did, and worked so hard to do, is priceless."

    "Looking back on them is a beautiful way to relive one of the most important days of our lives," she adds.  "While our birth wasn't exactly what I'd pictured and planned for, it still was absolutely perfect and I'm so proud of us because it was OUR birth." 

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