Weekly Pregnancy Calendar: Weeks 13 & 14


I'm following a first-time pregnant mom, 19-year-old bam61907 on her exciting journey from bump to baby. Last week we took a break for the holidays, so we're getting back up to date now with week 14 -- the beginning of the second trimester -- plus a few details (and a picture) from week 13.

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Weeks 13 & 14

What's Happening with Mom: Last week was great -- I got to enjoy my second four-day weekend in a row! On New Year's Eve, we went to my best friend's house to play cards. Everyone else drank, but I was content with my water =)

I'm so happy that I'm in my second trimester! I'm feeling really good and I seem to have a little more energy. I still need at least 9 - 11 hours of sleep a night but I'm not so tired during the day. And I've been able to stop worrying about the bleeding between my uterus and placenta, which is great.


I'm not experiencing many symptoms at this point -- no nausea, constipation, breast soreness, or trouble sleeping. Just fatigue, some breaking out on my face, and a little cramping.

I can see I'm starting to show a little now, which is exciting! I haven't weighed myself, but I'm guessing I've gained a few more pounds. I'm still craving chocolate and potatoes always sound good to me for dinner.

I haven't bought any maternity clothes yet. My jeans are starting to get tight but I use the rubber band trick for now -- it hurts my tummy if I button my jeans all the way.

My husband is getting used to the way my body is changing -- and my boobs are definitely getting bigger. I used to be a "B" and now I'm in "C" cups. He's excited for me to get a bigger bump, but he doesn't really know what words to use yet. Recently he said "Baby, it's okay -- I'll still love you even when you're fat." I blew up. I said "I will not be FAT, I will be PREGNANT! Please don't say 'fat' again." He felt really bad, but he needs to learn to be more careful with his word choice.

I'm looking forward to my next doctor's appointment on January 28th -- I'll be 17 weeks along. I'm hoping she does an ultrasound! I hate going this long without seeing the baby. My midwife will give me a referral to radiology then and I'll call to set up an appointment to find out the sex. She said it can take a couple of weeks to get into radiology, so I should find out the baby's gender sometime between 18 - 21 weeks.

We're starting to make some plans for the baby -- we have names picked out! For a boy it will be Gavin James and for a girl it will either be Madison Taylor or Taylor Madison. We've decided I'll probably take six weeks off once I have the baby, but I still need to talk to my boss about maternity leave. I think I'll wait until I'm showing more to speak to talk to him about leave and pay!

What's Happening with Baby: My rapid growth continues! Now I'm about the size of a large orange or small grapefruit. My sexual organs are becoming more apparent and moving to the appropriate location. I'm beginning to grow hair, and I'm doing lots of acrobatics even though you still probably can't feel the movements (quickening) yet.

Question of the Week from Pregnancy:

"Is some cramping during the second trimester normal? This morning I cleaned the house and then started having some menstrual-like cramps and light back pain." -- ktnunna

"I'm 22 weeks and the same thing just happened to me. I think it was from too much activity -- once I took a load off it was a lot better." -- McRiene

"Same thing happened with me -- I started cleaning and then felt some pain, but nothing severe. Could also be the baby changing positions or the uterus stretching." -- joyvanhalen

"I've had on and off cramping, too. My doctor told me to rest when I have them and to call if I have bleeding or contractions with them. He's said it's probably just stretching and not to worry as long as they stop in a fairly short period of time." -- tweetybirdmandy

If you're in your second trimester, what symptoms are you experiencing? Has the morning sickness tapered off? Do you have more energy? And if you have questions, ask them here.

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