This Video of a Fierce Mom Catching Her Own Newborn Is Making Jaws Drop

Video of unassisted birth

As a proud mom who "goes way off mainstream" with her pregnancies and parenting, Sarah Schmid isn't afraid to do things her own way. The author and mom of six shares on her YouTube page how she parents her own way, including long-term breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and being anti-vaccination. However, it's footage from the birth of her fifth child back in 2015 that's recently gone viral and proves that this is one strong mom who doesn't need help from anyone when it comes to a little thing like childbirth.  

  • Schmid opted for an unassisted birth in her living room and it's unlike anything you've ever seen.

    Before giving birth, Schmid invited a camera crew to film in her living room as she welcomed her baby into the world -- solo. In the incredible footage that's going viral on Instagram, Schmid can be seen leaning on a book shelf as she labors while standing. The videographer captures the moment her baby's head pops out and how this empowered mom continues to deliver him herself. 

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  • Schmid originally wanted to soak in a "rain barrel" but the baby came way faster than anyone expected.

    Although the baby came seven days past her due date, when the little one finally decided to start making moves, things happened incredibly quickly. "I was not expecting things to go so fast. A few minutes ago I was still in bed," she says in the full video of her delivery on YouTube. 

    Schmid had just gone to bed when the contractions started, and by the time she woke her husband up, it was almost time to start pushing. They didn't even have time to fill the tub she wanted to soak in to help ease the pain before it was time to start pushing. Luckily, the videographer was able to get there in time to capture the incredible moment.

  • As she pushed, you can see the baby's head rotating. 

    "It's an adventure becoming a mother and being a mother," she wrote in the full birth video. "Discover your style, follow your path."

  • Although Schmid's husband was in the room with her, she opted to deliver the baby completely independently.

    Just because Shmid's husband was home and in the same room doesn't mean she wanted his help or physical support when she brought their child into the world. "At 2:41 am, just over 25 minutes after I had roused my husband, our third son was born," she wrote in German on her blog, which we've translated via Google. "He began to breathe as soon as his head was outside and when I held him in his arms, he began to complain loudly about his fate." 

  • She thought they were having a girl but was thrilled to announce to her family that it was a healthy baby boy!

    Check out the full video from Schmid's YouTube page for more details on her remarkable delivery. 

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