This Mom Had a Chick-fil-A Maternity Shoot for Her 'Little Nugget' & We're Obsessed

chick-fil-a maternity shoot
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Most moms are pretty well versed in the world of pregnancy cravings. Although they may not always be the classic pickles-and-ice-cream kind, they're definitely something seriously sacred to the pregnancy experience. That's exactly why one mom decided to embrace her cravings in her maternity shoot and celebrate the the one thing that's getting her through this pregnancy: Chick-fil-A. Not only did she stand up loud and proud about her pregnancy indulgence, but anyone with a love of chicken nuggets can get behind this delicious idea -- because the photos are absolutely amazing!

  • With her second son due in late May, mom Bre Bradford made the bold decision to skip the traditional maternity shoot and go for something a little "out of the box." 

    Neither she nor her photographer sister Hayley Davis were interested in a formal, classic maternity photo shoot. "We decided to do a 'lifestyle' photo shoot because it was more laid-back and different than what you normally see," Davis tells CafeMom. "We live on the beach so people here typically do beach maternity photos, but we wanted to do something different." 

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  • So the duo decided to celebrate the little nugget with a Chick-fil-A theme, since Bradford craved it a ton while she was pregnant. 

    But instead of going through the trouble of actually shooting in a restaurant, they set the scene in the pregnant mama's dining room. Bradford and Davis went to a local Chick-fil-A and picked up 30 chicken nuggets, plenty of fries, and a couple of chicken sandwiches. Davis tells CafeMom that it was refreshingly simple. "Our favorite part about the shoot was that we didn't have to stress out about location, the weather, or what to wear since it was so casual," she says. "We simply just had to go to Chick-fil-A to get the chicken." 

  • As for the adorable chicken-themed decor, Bradford pulled off a complete DIY mission. 

    "We are both pretty creative so we decided to grab food some fry boxes and she made the little nugget onesie," Davis says. 

  • Davis tells CafeMom that shooting with her sister was a complete dream. 

    Of course, Davis was thrilled to be able to do something so special for her sibling. But it was also really cool that they were able to create something so meaningful in such a simple way. "This is one of the most laid-back, fun, and creative photo shoots I have ever done," she says. "I shot the photos and then after we just ate all the chicken." 

  • It's easy to see how much fun the two sisters had during the shoot. 

    Bradford looks playful and excited, and her smile is a mile long. At one point, she even used her pregnant belly as a "table" for her Chick-fil-A dipping sauce. "Most of the pictures we took we ended up not being able to use because we were laughing the whole time," the mom told People


  • Davis says that she and her sister never expected for their photos to go viral. 

    But with hundreds of shares on social media, it's obvious that this struck a chord with other chicken nugget enthusiasts across the Internet. 

  • The sisters hope this encourages other moms to follow suit and have fun with their maternity shoots. 

    Bradford told People that she's happy she got to capture her pregnancy the way it looks in real life. "I could have stood there in nice gowns and took pictures," she said. "But to me, I would rather remember what really my pregnancy was, which was eating fast food all the time and craving chicken."

    Similarly, Davis tells CafeMom that she's excited her photos have drawn "other mothers to embrace their cravings during pregnancy as well." 

    When you think about it, getting to munch on chicken nuggets instead of getting dressed up? Sign us up! 

    Find more of Hayley Davis' work on her Facebook page and on her website

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