Am I Pregnant?

am i pregnant?Think you might be pregnant? That in between time of wondering whether you might be (am I experiencing signs of early pregnancy or just about to get my period?) and knowing for sure can make you crazy.

An Anonymous mom asked women in Answers how soon they had taken a home pregnancy test. Here's what a few moms had to say about how early they tested with positive results.


"I tested one day before AF was due. It was an early response test, and it worked instantly!"

"I tested positive at just over a week pregnant. I wasn't even expecting my period for another week."

"First Response if the way to go! I tested positive over a week before my missed period both times."

Although lots of moms are testing early, the Mayo Clinic recommends waiting until after your missed period to test in order to get more accurate results.

Are you newly pregnant? How soon did you test?

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