40 Easy Bite-Sized Baby Shower Desserts That Are Sure to Impress

40 Easy Bite-Sized Baby Shower Desserts That Are Sure to Impress
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strawberry short cake mini

Baby showers are a sweet and sentimental way to honor moms-to-be, right? But making a pregnant friend or family member's day isn't even the best thing about throwing a baby shower, if we're honest. No, the best thing about throwing a baby shower is that it's the perfect excuse to serve (and eat) baby-sized desserts. Mini versions of everybody's favorite treats are totally adorable. And, perhaps more importantly, the fact that they're tiny makes it perfectly acceptable to go back for seconds ... or fifths.

Fun and festive, bite-size pies, tarts, cakes, pops, and the like lend themselves perfectly to dessert buffet tables. They're also ideal for indecisive types. Why decide between a slice of lemon creme pie and carrot cake when there are samples available of both? 

Of course, with so many ridiculously appealing options out there, it might be difficult to narrow the menu down to just two or three. In fact, the best idea of all might be to host a bite-size dessert potluck-themed baby shower. Just ask guests to bring some kind of petite pastry (preferably homemade), and promise plenty of sugar-laden love in return. The non-bakers out there are welcome to go the store-bought route, naturally. But it's doubtful anything they bring in a bakery box will live up to the promise of these recipes. Seriously, these mini desserts look that good. The guest of honor might even end up feeling upstaged (but she probably won't mind, as long as she gets a plateful).

mini cinnamon rolls
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