50 Baby Names for Boys That Are Uniquely Bohemian

Jordyn Smith | Apr 10, 2020 Pregnancy
50 Baby Names for Boys That Are Uniquely Bohemian
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Everyone knows that bohemian parents walk to the beat of their own drums and love to do things their own way. This absolutely applies to the way they choose names for their kids. In their quest to live life as freely and as quirkily as possible, they definitely tend to shy away from baby names that are commonly heard in classrooms across the country. Instead, they often feel the need to pick names that are just as cool and distinctive as their kids are. 

Luckily, they have their fair share of unique baby names to pick from -- some that are nature-themed and have literal meanings, some that are especially "offbeat," and others that take a little bit of a deeper dive to truly figure out. Much like their girlier counterparts, bohemian baby boy names are just as cool and unusual as they are plentiful. 

Admittedly, this list of 50 bohemian baby boy names is a little all over the place. But it's definitely an organized chaos. From names that come from Greek mythology to those that have Old English roots, these baby names differ when it comes to meanings, origins, and even popularity. But their amazing bohemian nature is what draws them all together to create the perfect list of boy names for cool bohemian parents to choose from. 

  • KEANU 

    Smiling baby boy Baby Names for Boys

    Let's face it: Is there anyone out there who wouldn't want to be named after Keanu Reeves, even though baby boy won't have any idea who that man is for years? The name comes from Hawaiian and means "cool breeze over the mountains."


    baby boy with camera Baby Names for Boys

    While Grover does happen to be the name of the blue muppet from Sesame Street, it's also a strong name many men have carried in the past. Does Grover Cleveland ring a bell? Maybe he'll even grow up to be president. 


    little boy eating an apple Baby Names for Boys

    Journey as a name pretty much says it all -- regardless of whether or not Mom and Dad are a fan of the band with the same name. It pretty much sets baby boy up for a lifetime of adventure ... and who knows? Maybe he'll end up being a travel buff. 

  • DASH

    baby boy on blanket Baby Names for Boys  dash

    Just like the character from The Incredibles movies, a name like Dash ensures a little boy a life full of fun and adventure. Not only is his name a memorable one, but it's also uncommon -- and we'd be surprised if he didn't turn out to be a pretty fast runner with a name like that.


    toddler boy Baby Names for Boys idris

    We will probably never hear the name Idris without immediately thinking of Idris Elba, the legendary actor ... but honestly, that's not a bad thing when it comes to choosing a baby name! Idris isn't overly popular, either, which makes it a great, unusual choice. 


    Baby Names for Boys

    To some, a name like Cornelius might sound a bit too uptight, but for those looking for a name that has a bit of a bohemian flair, it could be the perfect choice. Cornelius is a biblical name that comes from Latin, representing the first Gentile to be converted by Peter.

  • NILE

    Baby Names for Boys nile

    We've all heard of the Nile River (and of Niall Horan, former One Direction singer turned solo musician), but it actually has a pretty strong meaning, interestingly enough. Nile comes from Greek and means "champion," and isn't that what we're all hoping for our little boys?


    Baby Names for Boys gulliver

    We immediately think of Gulliver's Travels or Gulliver's Island when we hear this name, but despite the references to pop culture, it's definitely an unusual choice. It comes from Irish, so it might be a great way to pay tribute to heritage if that applies to the family.

  • ARLO 

    Baby Names for Boys arlo

    Another bohemian A-name, Arlo can be used for a boy or a girl, but either way, it's pretty adorable, and it's easy for little ones to learn to spell, which is always a plus. It's not too likely that he'll run into a lot of other Arlos out there, either.


    Baby Names for Boys ansel

    This name has old-fashioned roots, but it's definitely still popular in some circles -- but still original, if Mom and Dad are hoping to end up with a name for their baby boy that's different from the other kids in their class. 

  • ASPEN 


    Aspen is technically a gender neutral name, and while it's been used more for girls than boys lately, it's still a great option. Aspen may also be recognizable to American parents as the name of a nature-immersive ski resort in Colorado.



    While Forest originated as an English surname, it quickly transformed into a great first name. Meaning "of the forest," this name is the perfect choice for any parents looking to embody nature in their boy's name. 

  • ZIGGY 


    Ziggy is definitely a name that embodies everything bohemian -- and reminds us of the little boy in Big Little Lies. While it sounds really hip and modern, it actually comes from the German name Siegfried, which means "victorious peace." 

  • KAI 

    bohemian Baby Names for Boys kai

    This is yet another unisex name, and not much is known about the name Kai. While most people believe it has Scandinavian origins, some prefer it because it is the Hawaiian word for "sea." Short, meaningful, and bohemian, Kai became one of the most popular boys' names in the US for the first time in 2013. 

  • WOLF 


    Wolf is an animal name that many bohemian parents are drawn to, and for good reason. Some think of it as a shortening of the German name Wolfgang, which means "traveling wolf," but others prefer to take it at face value. 



    Quinn is a name that comes straight from Ireland. It started out as the surname O'Cuinn and transformed over time. It is thought to mean "wisdom" and "intelligence," a perfect fit for any curious bohemian baby boy. 

  • ASHER 


    Meaning "happy" and "blessed" in Hebrew, Asher is a traditionally Jewish name that has widespread appeal. It became one of the most popular boys' names in the US in the '90s, and it's popular with bohemian parents who also want a name with a great meaning. 

  • EZRA

    bohemian Baby Names for Boys ezra

    The name Ezra is a classic Jewish boys' name. It isn't common in the US, but its interesting Hebrew translation of "help" definitely makes it an intriguing option for bohemian parents ... and it's actually grown a lot in popularity over recent years.



    Archer is a name of English origins that was originally a surname. Meaning "a bowman," the name feels both classic and bohemian at the same time. With a cool, common nickname like Archie, this name is definitely a strong contender. 

  • COSMO 


    No, the name Cosmo isn't just a shortening of the popular cosmopolitan cocktail or magazine. It's actually a modern version of the Greek name Kosmas. Beautifully translating to "order" and "beauty," this is a unique name with a ton of history behind it. 

  • ATLAS 


    Both a bohemian name and a worldly name, Atlas was actually the name of Titan in Greek mythology. While it hasn't ever made any popularity lists in the US, that only makes it extra unusual, and maybe it'll inspire the little guy to take up a life of travel.

  • BASIL 

    bohemian Baby Names for Boys basil

    Basil was one of the most popular boys' names in the US in the early 1900s, but it hasn't been very popular in recent decades. Meaning "regal" in Greek, Basil is also perfect for any boho parent who's a huge fan of the herb. 



    Recognizable as the last name of popular late-night American talk show host -- Jimmy Fallon -- the name Fallon is a unisex moniker that has Irish origins and means "leader." While it's definitely been a popular girls' name in the US, there aren't a ton of little boys named Fallon just yet. 

  • BEAR


    The name Bear may sound a little gruff, but its nature theme makes it just as bohemian. Bear hasn't made it onto any popular baby names lists in the US yet, but it definitely looks to be gaining momentum. 



    Dakota is a name that originated with the Sioux Native American tribe. It actually translates to mean "friendly one," and has been an incredibly popular boys' name in the US since the '90s. It might be less common these days, but that's even more of a reason to try it out.

  • BODHI 

    bohemian Baby Names for Boys  bodhi

    Bodhi is a name of Indian origins that means "awakening" and "enlightenment" in Sanskrit. While the name hasn't historically been common in the US, it's made a name for itself as one of the top boys' names in the country since 2011. 

  • CASH


    For boho parents looking to name their boy after a country music legend like Johnny Cash, the name Cash is a great choice. Meaning "hallow" in Latin, it's also become one of the most popular boys' names in the US. 



    While some think Damien is the French version of the Russian name Damian, others believe it to be the modern version of the ancient Greek Damianos, which means "to tame." Either way, Damien is another name that doubles as both bohemian and classic. 


    bohemian Baby Names for Boys  julian

    The English version of the Latin name Julius, Julian translates to mean "youthful." Because of its meaning, Julian is used all over the world, but parents in the US have really taken to it for their sons and their daughters more recently.



    When it comes to names that come from months, August is definitely one of the most popular. Drawn from the Latin name Augustus, the name means "great" and "magnificent." Don't worry -- baby boy doesn't need to be born in August to use this name.

  • EMORY 


    Also commonly spelled Emery, Emory is a unisex name that means "brave" and "industrious." Emory began gaining popularity as a boys' name in the US in 2013, making it the perfect name for a future little explorer. 

  • MILO 


    Milo is believed to have German origins and translates to mean "soldier" and "merciful." And even though its meaning isn't flowery, the overall vibe of the name is still quite bohemian (and still extremely uncommon, especially in the US).

  • GAGE 

    bohemian Baby Names for Boys  gage

    Meaning "oath" and "pledge" in French, Gage is one of those names that sounds larger than life. That's probably why it's been one of the most popular boys' name among parents in the US since the '90s, and becoming more popular all the time.

  • BENJI 

    bohemian Baby Names for Boys benji