40 Adorable DIY Baby Shower Favors That Are Budget Friendly

Megan Zander | May 2, 2018 Pregnancy
40 Adorable DIY Baby Shower Favors That Are Budget Friendly

Giving guests a favor at a baby shower is a thoughtful way to thank them for coming, and for showering the mom-to-be with love and presents! The only problem is that between decorations, a venue, food, cake, and of course gifts, the budget for a baby shower can balloon faster than Mom-to-be's stomach. Going the DIY route with baby shower favors is a great way to trim down costs. Luckily, one doesn't have to be a Pinterest master in order to create favors that guests will appreciate. 

The level of DIY required to create a baby shower favor is up to those planning the shower. Getting crafty can be as simple as purchasing something already made and tying on a bow or adding a sticker. Others require a few steps to create a finished favor. For those looking to turn favor-making into a fun crafting day with friends, there are options that call for multi-step tutorials, following a recipe, and of course, a trip to the craft store. Whether it barely counts as DIY or something that's completely made from scratch, there are tons of options any folks can create themselves, and at a price point that still leaves money left over for a great shower gift. 

From relaxing shower scrubs, homemade birdseed ornaments, and lots of sweet treats, there's a DIY baby shower favor out there that's perfect for skill set, theme, and budget. Whether it's a take-home gift that's exactly what a woodland baby shower needs, or a special something to send guests home with after an affair welcoming a little princess, guests will love these special favors handmade just for them. 

Peapod baby shower favor

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