40 Cute & Fun Pregnancy Announcements That Are Easy to Pull Off

Jordyn Smith | Dec 5, 2019 Pregnancy
40 Cute & Fun Pregnancy Announcements That Are Easy to Pull Off

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When the time comes to announce a pregnancy, the pressure is immediately on. For many expectant moms and dads, going all out is the only option. We're talking professional photographer, expensive props, and a million dollar concept. While intricate pregnancy announcements are always pretty amazing to behold, it's no secret that they definitely aren't for everyone. 

For tons of low-key, chill moms out there, the thought of having to put a ton of effort into a pregnancy announcement definitely isn't very appealing. Honestly, we can't blame them. Being a little bit terrified, crazy excited, and having a ton of stuff to do before the little one arrives doesn't always yield a ton of creativity. But that's not a bad thing because there are plenty of pregnancy announcement options out there for moms who want to tell the world their good news without all the fanfare. 

The 40 pregnancy announcement ideas on this list are all pretty different. With separate themes, messages, and modes of execution, the one thing they do have in common is the fact that any low-key mom will absolutely love them. So get ready to be inspired and prepare to be blown away in the most chilled out way possible. 

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