39 Ways to Recreate the Most Stunning Modern Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas

Lauren Levy | Apr 27, 2018 Pregnancy
39 Ways to Recreate the Most Stunning Modern Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas

Maternity photography trends
Binke Photographic Art

Before giving birth, many moms celebrate their growing bumps by taking maternity photos. These photo shoots aren't only a special way to capture this unique time, but they're also a memorable way to both celebrate and empower Mom as she prepares to enter motherhood. Maternity photos give Mom a chance to embrace her changing shape, and they become a timeless keepsake for both her and her baby to look back on one day.

But just like everything else, there are different styles for maternity photos, and as photographers get more creative, there's an abundance of swoon-worthy trends for parents to pick from. This allows moms to enjoy more personalized portraits that express who they are. From ethereal underwater sessions to modern silhouettes and glamorous gowns, these popular maternity photo ideas are making jaws drops as they spread across social media. Plus, some themes also have incredible meaning behind them, like the powerful "rainbow baby" photos that honor previous miscarriages before arriving at such a joyous time. Check out our favorite maternity photo trends to inspire a memorable shoot. 

  • Glitter Bath Maternity Photo Shoot


    For moms who are all about the sparkle, consider a glitter-inspired maternity photo shoot. This photo along with the next six slides have the most creative ways to pull one off.

  • Glitter Shower Maternity Photos


    Kick that pregnancy glow up a notch with shimmering glitter that also provides Mom with some coverage in the maternity photos.

  • Rainbow Glitter Maternity Photo


    Chunky glitter also makes even the detail shots feel more modern during these maternity photo shoot sessions.

  • Glitter Body Paint Maternity Photo

    Maternity photography trends
    Sarah B Photography

    Glitter also enhances a mom's stunning figure as the light reflects off her bump during these dramatic maternity photos.

  • Glitter 'Milk' Bath Maternity Photo


    As a twist on the popular "milk bath," moms can skip the liquid to soak in glitter for a modern maternity photo shoot option.

  • Rainbow Baby Glittery Maternity Photo


    The only thing that glows brighter than a pregnant woman is a pregnant woman painted in glitter -- and these modern maternity photos prove it.

  • Just a Hint of Glitter Maternity Photo


    And moms don't have to go overboard with glitter if that isn't their style. Even a small touch can have a major impact when it comes to maternity photos.

  • Soaking It in -- Underwater


    "Underwater maternity photography has become a stunning trend simply because people crave of new experiences," Arielle of Binke Photographic Art tells CafeMom. "They want to be different, they want the wow factor. And [an] underwater maternity portrait, if done well, brings all of it!" 

    This photo along with the next six slides are all about the water photo shoot.

  • Outdoor Water Maternity Photos


    For a natural and ethereal feel, moms can opt for an outdoor setting during underwater maternity sessions.

  • Swimming Pool Maternity Photoshoot


    But for a more modern vibe, the right pool allows for underwater maternity photos with a sleek and controlled background. 

  • Night Swim Maternity Photo


    "The result is timeless, ethereal and breathtaking. Water makes everything more poetic!" Arielle says. "And what we've noticed over the years [is] that it's not just a woman thing. Men are loving it too! We have even more guys calling to inquire about underwater maternity photo shoots with their partners."

  • Underwater Gown Maternity Photo


    The way vibrant gowns organically flow underwater enhances the natural and romantic look of these maternity photo shoots. 

  • Underwater Bare Bump Maternity Photo


    But moms don't have to opt for over-the-top gowns for showstopping underwater maternity photos.

  • Underwater Reflection Maternity Photo


    As Mom reflects on the pregnancy journey while soaking in the water during this maternity photo shoot, her inner joy is captured (along with some amazing reflections!).

  • Rainbow Baby Celebrations


    Many moms refer to a little one conceived as after a miscarriage as their "rainbow baby," and colorful maternity photos celebrate these special pregnancies. These next slides are all about honoring a rainbow birth.

  • Lens Flare Rainbow Maternity Photo


    The "rainbow baby" term represents the bright light shining through even the darkest storms -- which is exactly what moms experience after miscarrying before getting pregnant again. That's why rainbows are especially meaningful during some maternity photo shoots. 

  • Rainbow Gown Maternity Photo


    For a dramatic feel, moms can honor both the baby they lost and the one they are about to meet by posing in a vibrant gown for their maternity photo shoot. 

  • Rainbow Train Maternity Photo


    Colorful accessories, like this billowing train, allow moms to honor their rainbow babies in breathtaking maternity photos.

  • Rainbow Crown Maternity Photo


    Mom can also use vibrant flowers and props to incorporate a rainbow color scheme into any maternity shoot. 

  • Rainbow Confetti Maternity Photo


    There's one thing that all rainbow maternity photos capture: a mom's pure joy near the end of her pregnancy. 

  • Rainbow Smoke Maternity Photo


    But rainbow maternity photos are also a powerful way to reflect on both the past and future. 

  • Dramatic Silhouettes


    For photos that are all about the bump, consider some breathtaking silhouette maternity photos like the ones in these next slides.

  • Lingerie Silhouette Maternity Photo


    Talented photographers can use different fabrics to enhance their silhouette maternity photos -- and the results are seriously stunning. 

  • Nude Silhouette Maternity Photo


    Nothing celebrates a pregnant mom's form like sleek silhouette maternity photos.

  • Sunset Silhouette Maternity Photo


    The good thing about silhouette maternity photos is that they work both with clothing and without so it can depend on a mom's comfort level. 

  • Sheer Fabric Silhouette Maternity Photo


    There also doesn't need to be an elaborate backdrop for silhouette maternity photos that are beyond gorgeous. 

  • Black and White Maternity Photo


    Silhouette maternity photos are unlike most photos that moms already have of themselves ...

  • Grayscale Silhouette Maternity Photo


    ... which is why moms who are eager to celebrate their curves love silhouette maternity photos.

  • Getting Glam in the Wilderness


    In a trend that is stealing moms' hearts, many women are stepping out of the studio -- in formal gowns that contrast their natural backdrop -- for their maternity photos. These slides show all the different ways to recreate the nature goddess photo trend.

  • Bohemian Goddess Maternity Photo


    These moms want to get dressed up but aren't afraid to get their gowns dirty, and the results are some stunning maternity photos in natural settings. 

  • Forest Maternity Photo


    The juxtaposition of the formal attire set against organic backdrops creates an ethereal vibe for these maternity photos.

  • Walking in the Woods Maternity Photo


    Formal maternity photos taken deep in nature also allows Mom to celebrate the season her little one is going to be born in.

  • Earth Goddess Maternity Photo


    There's nothing more serene than moms going full glam in the forest for their maternity photos. 

  • In-Studio Fabric Sculpting Photos


    Another dramatic trend is moms skipping the outdoors for their maternity photo and opting for some studio magic that focuses on form and fabrics. These last photos show how it's done.

  • Silk Drape Maternity Photo


    In these wow-worthy maternity photos, blowing fabric organically accentuates a pregnant woman's form.    

  • Red Drape Maternity Photo


    All moms need is a flowing dress, draped silk, an extra set of hands to toss some fabric, and a seriously talented photographer to capture these magical maternity photos. 

  • Fabric Sculpting Maternity Photo


    These fabric sculpting maternity photos give moms-to-be the opportunity to not only embrace but also unleash their inner goddesses. 

  • Silky Silhouette Maternity Photo


    The way photographers work their magic with silk elevates these maternity photos from traditional to fine art. 

  • Silk Skirt Maternity Photo


    Moms don't have to fully cover their form in these maternity photos and can show some skin as silk skirt brings the drama. 

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