40 Stunning DIY Baby Shower Centerpieces That Will Save Serious Money

40 Stunning DIY Baby Shower Centerpieces That Will Save Serious Money

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Throwing a baby shower for a friend or relative isn't just a super nice thing to do, it can also be a surprisingly enjoyable experience. Putting together the perfect baby shower is a lot of work, but it's also the perfect excuse to get creative. From the decor to the food, everything about a baby shower is an opportunity to indulge in all things adorable. Of course, cute doesn't necessarily come cheap. Luckily, there are lots of ways to save cash by going the DIY route -- especially with centerpieces. True, there are expert party planners available for hire who can take care of these darling details. But with so many great ideas out there for making centerpieces at home, why spend the money?

Some of these projects can be made with items that might already be on hand (like leftover coffee cans and mason jars). Others might require a trip to the craft store for some inexpensive supplies (but who doesn't love a reason to go to the craft store?). 

To help narrow down the possibilities, it can help to pick a baby shower theme. Rainbows, mermaids, and nature are particularly popular right now. Gender-reveal showers are a major trend, too. Can't decide on a motif? No biggie. It's all about creating something cute (without breaking the bank).

The best part of these DIY centerpieces, though, is that they're not too difficult for the average person to pull off -- some of them are ridiculously easy!

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