Will You Circumcise Your Son?


circumcisonIf you're having a boy, the question of circumcision (surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis) is going to come up. If you already know what your decision will be because of religious, cultural, or other reasons, then you're set. But if you don't know whether or not to circumcise, how will you decide?

My first child was a boy and we really weren't sure what to do. Moms in Pregnancy are talking about it, too. Here's what a few of them have to say.

Terasasmom is expecting a baby in a couple of months and is on the fence about whether or not to circumcise. Her DH doesn't have a preference, so she asked moms who are expecting a boy if they are planning on circumcising or, if they've already given birth to a son, if they did and were happy with their decision.

Moms were careful to stress that it's a personal choice; here's a compilation of what they had to say in general on the topic:

"I haven't found out the sex yet, but *if* he's a boy, we'll definitely get him circumcised. My SO is and I'm glad. To me, it's the norm."

"My son is not circumcised. He'll be one year old soon and we've had no problems with it."

"If we have a boy, he will not be circumcised. His dad isn't, his brother isn't, and our insurance won't cover it because it's considered cosmetic."

"My son is circumcised and if this baby is a boy, he will be, too. My DH wants it done and it never entered my mind not to."

"My sons are both circumcised -- we had it done by a urologist. DH wanted to do it because he is, and I agreed. My friend has two sons that are not circumcised, though, and she's never had any problems from that choice, either."

Moms agreeing it was a "personal decision" aside, it was a controversial post, with the subjects of what's considered "the norm," cleanliness and infection, is it unnecessary surgery, and causing the baby pain all coming up.

What do you think? To circumcise or not, and why?

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Curllyq Curllyq

My husband didn't agree and, I assume though we don't talk about it, doesn't do this day.  But no matter who wants it and who doesn't, in the end both parents have to sign off on it and if the anti-circ parent cares enough, s/he can just refuse the surgery.  That is what it came down to with my husband.  In the end, I told him that I was the one going through pregnancy and labor and birth and if it was a boy (we didn't find out either time) he would be perfect the way he came out.  I appolgised to him for not being able to come to an agreement, but it was going to be my choice.  I did want to make him watch a video on circ but my friend who owns it was out of town and I went in to labor before I could get it.  I asked him later if it bothered him and he said it didn't.  I think after you see your perfect baby and change diapers for a week, you forget that it looks different than some penises.

Curllyq Curllyq

If you do decide to do it, the least you can be there while it happens.  Don't chicken out and pretend it's not happening back in your room.  And insist that as soon as it's over, he be brought back to nurse and try to make him feel better.  Yes, he will probably sleep for a while.  Women will tell you that their son didn't cry and it didn't affect him - "He slept right through it!"  Well, of course he did, his body went in to shock because a functioning part was amputated.  That doesn't mean it didn't affect him, but quite the opposite, he was so affected he passed out to deal with it.

Curllyq Curllyq

NoCirc.org, notjustskin.org and noharmm.org have some of the best information.  One last thought...I have come to look at it this way:  It's not needed.  So, let's compare it to a nose job.  You had a nose job and now you want your baby girl to look like you, so you have her nose altered to match yours at birth.  Uneeded? Yup.  Crazy?  Sure.  Why is circumsision any different?  It's an uneeded, painful surgery that we do because dad had it done.  I feel so much regret every time I change my son's diaper and I wish just one person had told me that I shouldn't do it and given me the facts...At least I saved my second son from it:)

Curllyq Curllyq

You'll see ONE medical study that says the risk of STDs and HIV/AIDS goes down with circumcision.  But, if you find the whole study instead of what pro-circ moms tell you here, the study was done in S. Africa and the men who were circ'ed were also given safe-sex education.  The only thing that proves is that if your circ'ed son wears a condom, he's less likely to pass along or contract an STD...the same can be said for an intact man.

nonmember avatar nelly

i have 3 boys and neither of them are circumcised.

Intac... IntactisIn

"Circumcision is the mark of your parents ignorance." -my jewish friend, Yeoman Roman

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